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  • dasingleman

    love the way u move them hips girl. :-)

  • Sing

    That is some skill!

  • Freddie

    Great tricks with the Hula Hoop! I would’ve been in traction.

  • Bahahah. I bow before your expertise.

  • LMBO….that was absolutely amazingly great….

  • ES Moon

    Lmao! Soooo cute! <3

  • loveTracee

    i love you boo boo ;-)

  • Taj

    You are so hilarious Tracee!!! I love your new talent!

  • U have one and i still can’t keep my hulu hoop up, it’s a great workout too.

  • Babycakes

    To funny! Makes me think of GFs Joan doing her Cinco DE Mayo dance. Hilarious!!

  • Vanessa

    “It’s falling, but don’t be afraid. NO!”
    hahahahahahahah :)

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