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  • I’m up for it. I take our diva (our shih tzu Zoe, who also possesses high self-esteem LOL) for a walk a day. Her little legs get tired sometimes and I end up carrying her back home, but we do take them and it is good for the spirit. I can tell when she gets tired of the backyard some days, too. :) Your Ladybug is adorable, by the way!

  • i LOVE my walks with my Maltipoo, Shijo Kingo. well, maybe not initially since walking him is the first thing i do in the morning. but getting out of the house in the wee hours of the morning while the sun is coming up and the early birds are heading to work is so peaceful. it gives us time alone and me time to get the blood flowing and connect with nature as you mentioned. lucky for me, SK is always down for a walk. not lucky for me, SK is always down for a walk.

  • Marianne

    Wonderful for both the human AND the fur-person! Great to see Lady Bug…She doesn’t get enough camera time…

  • Why don’t we take a walk? The whole time we wouldn’t talk. all the boundaries faded, something like worn chalk. plenty would we converse, bodies speaking in tongues, slowly, deep breaths, air into your lungs.. sharing desires, speaking of how we’re both tired. running in circles only to meet more walls, that we set ourselves, beautiful woman, why do we stall? I wanna feel your heat, no need to be discreet, as our bodies elaborate, sharing secrets we’ll never speak…

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