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Thank You, Dan Rather!

This New Year’s Day I found myself lounging around, flipping through channels when I stumbled across a Dan Rather Special Report on Antibiotics in America. It was fascinating! So I scrambled for the DVR, and made sure to take in the whole episode. The report examined the alarming consequences of the overuse of antibiotics in our country. Which has created a rise in antibiotic-resistant infections that costs us more than $35 billion a year!

Even more alarming, the rise in resistance threatens to bring back diseases we’d previously thought eradicated. Rather also takes us to Norway, a country whose taken a more prudent approach to the use of antibiotics. Overall, this is an absolutely fantastic episode. So balanced and informative. I definitely encourage you to take some time to watch! You can see the whole episode online here. Thank you, Dan Rather!


  • My husband jokes that I have no immune system b/c my Mom gave me antibiotics anytime I got sick as a kid. He never took them & NEVER gets sick. Even when he does, he fights it off in 1 day, where I’m stuck in bed for 5! Drives me crazy.

  • Freddie

    Very informative video. I think many people take antibiotics or get them for their kids to avoid missing days of work and school. I don’t take anything for a cold or flu and it usually passes within three to five days of rest, water, soups and teas. I read that flu strains vary and what may have worked last year may not work this year. I wish the US would stop using the antibiotics and hormones on animals that we end up eating and wreck our systems. Thanks for the link.

  • Garlic, the natural antibiotic, is your best friend.

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