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  • Freddie

    Another informative video! I buy the plastic bottles of water and sometimes re-use them. I think I’m a little too clumsy for glass, but I’ll try. I’ve seen the Mt. Valley in the stores and also the hard plastic bottles. They are now on my list. Thank you!

  • di

    I Know this stuff from the past.I know people who live this life. conscious health. Taking care of one’s health and mind etc… but. I’m one lazy MutherFucker.I’m Totally ignorant and full of shit!!!Kinda fuck up!! I’m drinking water from Plastic bottles. Not good at all.Repeat!Not good at all.In Essence, You are saying that I’m suffering from dehydration.That I am living with toxics and chemicals and not nutrients in my body.This never ending cycle of being awake in consciousness and asleep. This so called Time/reality is Major Challenge we must pass through.I hope I don’t fall down in the middle of the street at a very busy intersection from dehydration,T

  • Sheri

    Life Factory water bottles are great. I keep a big one at work and carry the middle size with me in the car. I bought them at Whole Foods. Also use glass straws from Drahma Glass.

  • You’re hilarious! I switched the Camelpak bottles. The term you’re looking for is BPA free. I do want to venture out to glass bottles pretty soon because i love the feeling of a cold glass of water lol.

  • 203 Blue

    We woke up in a soft bed. as my eyes found their focus she was opening the curtains, a thin robe traveling her curves. in silence I heard The Isley Brothers “Living For The Love Of You”. Woman is God’s gift to man. Thank you JAH

  • Rits

    Great post! Did you know that drinking water that’s been sitting in a bottle for a while has a different kind of energy than that of water that’s been moving or rushing through a tap. Water that has recently been moving has better energy because the particles in the water are having a dance party. I find the taste is even better. Sometimes I take my bottle water and pour it into the glass so there’s movement. I know. Too much time! lol

  • Rits

    Do you mind sharing what fabulous blush you are wearing? It’s gorgeous.

  • I use (when I remember) the san pelligrino bottle, since they’re already glass and -since I’ve now learned from you, they have a dark green color!. But of course it sucks that the bottle is so small :(. But if I’m heading to a place that have water fountains it no big deal. ;-)

  • jakenoir

    watch out for those water containers made in china, I’m just saying…

  • princessglee

    I live in LA. I’ve been drinking water from the tap–unfiltered. Tastes ok to me. I recently moved, may have left the filter at the other place. In the meantime (3-4 weeks) I’ve gone ol’ skool, drinking water from the faucet and in a glass. Not sure if that’s ok. Is it?

  • jaszmine johnson

    The last time I bought a huberts lemonade I kept the glass bottle and have been refilling it ever since! At home I have a reverse osmosis de-ionizer max purity system installed under my kitchen sink the water is so good and crisp never tasted water like it before. I have family and friends that come over from time to time and bottle my water to take home with them LOL

  • WendiE

    I love my Klean Kanteen! I carry the 64oz canteen in my car. They are available on amazon or via the site.

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