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  • Grace

    My gyrotonic equivalent = Haitian folk dancing every Saturday! Wonderful, gyrating, rhythmic workout!

  • Karrah

    Gyrotonics sounds amazing! Unfortunately all the classes in my area are too expensive — $65-$100 per hour. I will stick with Pilates. :)

  • You’re right, before this article I’ve never heard of a gyrotonic workout but it seems to be interesting and I wouldn’t mind trying it out. The only exercise I really get is getting up and walking to the refrigerator and racing back to the TV when Scandal is about to come

  • This sounds really amazing. I wonder if they have places in Austin or Dallas

  • Keep up the good work Tracee because you have a fantastic body. With a body like yours the Gyrotonic Workout has got to be a great workout.

  • Wow! What an amazing discovery. How long did it take you to feel comfortable enough to use this machine on your own? It looks soo intimidating.

  • Interesting.

  • Alexandria Johnson

    This sounds like a great system. I am currently obsessed with Cardio Barre. They are based in Cali but I use the home system. I hope to make it to Cali to actually take a class in studio. I was introduced to it when I read a Taraji P. Henderson interview in which she said it was her workout of choice. Its a Cardio workout made up of ballet and dance movements. I love it!

  • Keisha

    Currently searching for a gyrotonic gym in Fulham,London,Uk…… looks like fun!

  • Rasheeka

    I miss my gyrotonics sessions!

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