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Do Your Heart A Favor By Calling A Friend!

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Do Your Heart A Favor By Calling A Friend! Posted on February 22nd, 2013 in Well-Being.

This week’s heart healthy tip is so simple: to keep your heart healthy, pick up the phone and get yourself moving! I know, I know, when do you have time when you can barely make time to wash your hair or get enough sleep, but I swear it’s easier than you think (for example, I’m writing this tip on my phone, from the treadmill at the gym hahaha). MULTI-TASK people! This tip is fun and a little silly, but it’ll help you out in the long run.

Skip the elevator so you can return a call and take the stairs instead. Another way to get active while on the phone is to do squats while gabbing. Or hey, while you’re walking down the hall at work and talking with a colleague, throw in a couple of lunges. Sure people might wonder about you, but it’s for your heart! and it will help your butt too!!!

According to the American Heart Association, this type of exercise gets your blood flowing, and having a healthier heart could save you money (over $500 a year in medical costs)! Best of all, each of these suggestions can also lift that booty! So take the stairs, squat, lunge, and call your friends to challenge them to do the same! So, dear readers, I challenge you to grab your cell, call a friend, and get to steppin’! It’ll keep your heart healthy, and your friends and family happy.

*This is a paid advertisement and the opinions and statements of the blogger or otherwise provided on do not reflect the views of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.


  • she’s so fierce with the sexy. Leaves my imagination grasping for air, I need a chair, she’s so fierce w/ the sexy.

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    ok. But, I don’t have your cell phone number.funny

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