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Your Questions, My Answers #4

Your Questions, My Answers #4 Posted on August 28th, 2013 in Tracee.

Here’s part 4 of Your Questions, My Answers – I got tons of amazing questions and chose a couple to answer in this week’s video (but don’t worry, there’s more to come!).  In this edition, I’m talking beauty secrets and why it’s not attractive to be able to fry an egg on your face…watch the video and you’ll know what I’m talking about! Thanks again for your questions! 


  • It’s all fun and games until someone gets a fried egg to the face.

  • Vanessa

    You had me laughing out loud in seconds. You’re awesome!

  • Tyrone

    I was disappointed with this Q&A session. It was all too safe. I want more, Ms. Ellis Ross, MORE! Free yourself! Let us touch your spirit! Let us be inspired by your strength as an individual. Forget the hair and makeup, you are a sexy, intelligent, remarkable woman. I just wanna feel it.

  • DunnLookin

    I love you Tracee!! Can’t wait for more.

  • KIJ

    Hi Beautiful!

    Growing up I thought by a certain age I would have it
    “together.” I thought I would be comfortable in my own skin and the person I
    am. I’m young, I’m 23-years-old but I fear I will never be comfortable with my
    person. I fear just being me will never be enough. As I said, I thought a
    person reached a point in their life where they “figured it out” like some rite
    of passage secret. But I’ve been watching, listening and observing people who are
    a lot older than I and they seem so lost. Will I ever reach a place of
    satisfaction with myself? I’m always thinking about the future, about the
    person I want to become that I neglect the moment. I’m just so hungry for
    wisdom and knowledge that it’s overwhelming at times. I see people like
    yourself who I admire and respect and I try to figure out how they became who
    they are. I know everyone has their own story and I have to fulfill the
    chapters in my own book. I know you have to be a rookie before you’re a pro but
    still…how can I stay in the present? How can I give honor to the person I am
    today and not obsess over the person I will be in 10 years? Sorry Ms. Ross, I
    realize these are loaded questions, questions you perhaps can’t answer but
    thank you for just being you!! Have a beautiful day!



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