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CHATTING WITH THE BREAKFAST CLUB! Posted on September 27th, 2014 in Tracee.

Such an awesome interview with the Breakfast Club on Power105.1 NY! Thanks to Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy for a hilarious yet enlightening morning chat about black-ish, booties, and beauty!  Can’t wait to come back and visit u guys!!


  • di

    Pop open the Cosmic Champagne!Let’s Samba at the Galactic Carnivale In the Cosmos!Everyone,Please

  • Freddie

    Loved the interview! So funny. Black-ish is a great show. Much success to you and all involved.

  • Peggy

    Well done Tracee, love the show….not sure that I would have been able to stomach the rest of the interview after their comments about how they are raising their kids

  • jah boogie

    i love tracee for the last comment.. black ladies lets stop manipulating edges, asses, etc

  • Jessica from London

    Tracee I loved this. The last comment was so true love how you flipped it. Classy, funny and real love this woman xx

  • teresa

    LISTEN! I watched this entire video and, really, the last 30 seconds are the reason why you’re my mentor in my head.

  • Loved this and the comment about racism being a learned behavior continues to be a daily truth.

    My daughter is 3 and although her, my husband and her 2 brothers are black, we’ve never had a discussion with her about the topic. She’s in preschool (a very diverse one) and the other day during dinner, she began telling me a story about an educational video she saw at school and mentioned “the white boy” in her conversation. I was taken aback and curious, so I asked her first who told her that, and she was a bit clueless to my question which let me know someone at her school did. Then I asked her what color was she; she had no answer for me and finished her story. I’m sure she moved on, but I didn’t. I had a conversation with her. Of course she’s too young to ‘get it’, but it’s our job as parents to be aware what our kids learn, continue to challenge and teach them, so they don’t allow things like “the white boy” make them question who and what they are.

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