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PACKING WITH TRACEE Posted on March 30th, 2014 in Tracee.

My dear friend Renee is usually the person giggling in the silly videos I post. She has been with me during many of my packing moments. Well, it was maybe during the 2nd time she was around when I was packing to leave after a long stay in ATLANTA that she grabbed her phone and captured this footage. I should tell you that I travel a lot but, although I have travelled my entire life, packing has never been easy for me. All my friends have gotten packing phone calls from me. It is an area in which I need support hahaha! I take packing very seriously. I TOTALLY take order, organization, preparedness and PACKING very seriously and Renee’s laugh always eggs me on…



  • Yell of triumph at the end? Brilliant. Y’all come cheer me on next time I pack, please.

  • Kisha Kish


  • Sweetdrk1

    LOL can you come pack for me please, k thanks

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