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FURTHER EXPLORATION OF THE NO FLEX ZONE Posted on August 18th, 2014 in Tracee.

Perhaps you saw my recent Instagram video rapping along with Rae Sremmurd to No Flex Zone. I researched the lyrics so I could understand what I was bouncing along to in the car. It seems that many of us are confused by the meaning of this song and are searching for clarity about the zone. Well, I spent some time further exploring the zone…


  • Sdrawkcab Eman Ym

    This is absolutely hilarious!!! And I knooooow beeeeetttter!

  • Simplybee

    Tracee….so so funny!! & yes you know betta!!

  • Kamla Mckenzie

    OMG HILARIOUS!! So I am not really familiar with this song…at least I don’t think I am…so clearly I wouldn’t be allowed in the zone….or would I be? hmm not really sure. Tracee you facial expressions are priceless; Now I really have to go listen to gather my own emotional feedback. Ok! I just decided to pause. I went and listened to the song. well admittedly only half the song LOL. I don’t think I have the “hoe” look so I think they would look and me and say “naw she doesn’t fit in the no flex zone!” Or wait…maybe I would fit in!?!? so confused. xo @modelkamlakay.

  • Bianca

    #1. Youre a huge inspiration to me.
    #2. no flex zone is also where two groups in opposition can be within the same vicinity and not worry about the other group (i.e. two gangs at a neighborhood block party for the kids will not start beef or worse because that zone was deemed no flex). #3. Their name is Drummers Ear ( or ear drummers) spelled backwards .

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