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FURTHER EXPLORATION OF HOOKAH Posted on September 19th, 2014 in Tracee.

Yes, it’s that time again: I’m looking for the deeper meaning of Hookah by Tyga and Young Thug, another song I bounce along to and long to understand.  I explore Tyga’s gentle nature, the importance of hydrating the skin, what it truly means to talk mathematics, and more. I really think I’ve solved a few mysteries of the song, although I might have created a couple more along the way! Tell me what you think!


  • Taylor Arabia Harris

    lmaooooo!!! I need more. Hilarious

  • teresa

    what an excellent laugh! this is how i shall engage with the music i’m not really interested in engaging with–with wit and whimsy, amen.

  • Shaaaaa

    Lol this is funnnny but young thug actually raps the first part then tyga goes after lol

  • Stephanie Nelson

    lol i love you…this was too funny

  • Andrew

    You are a beautiful shining star. Talented and beautiful. Tracee you are so cool. I hope you feel it but most of all stay the humble, down to earth person that in my opinion is driving all this talent. You make people smile and laugh.

  • LOL this is hilarious. This song is sooo annoying, I swear, but hey…the kids and their trends. Tigga!? Hahaha.

    I love this jumpsuit/fit, looks great on you Tracee!

    xo, Krist | A City-Life and Travel Collective

  • remedy victoria


  • Antoinette Baltzagar

    OMG! The funniest ever! I even showed this to my 16 year old who LOVES Tyga, and he thought it was hilarious! Tracee, you should definitely do more of these. I have the slightest idea what rappers are talking about now days, but this made all that so much more bearable!

    Love you and you are gorgeous as always!

  • Mak

    Tracee, you are a nut!! I love these videos :)

  • Evelyn

    Where is her jumper from?! I love it!

  • TheEditorInChic

    Bwhahahahahhaah! Too funny. And I’m just as lost.

  • Julie

    He may be talking about a scale that weights fish. And not so much fish scales. Jada kiss has said this once.

  • Yavonkia Jenkins

    I just want to be sure of the pronunciation because I could have sworn it was Tig-ah, like the tiger in Pooh but more urban. Is it really Tie-gah? Are we sure of that? This is hilarious btw!

  • Jaxx

    I love that lip color Tracee! What is it?

  • Fredrick

    This is hilarious!!!! I first watched because Tracee looks so cute on the couch but I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • leslie

    pass me the shoes. pass me the shoes…or just the name of the shoes

  • Alan Jordon

    That’s funny. LOL

  • Lets Ponder

    Lol… Fish scale is a description of a quality of cocaine… And he’s to high to pronounce hookah after a while… & you’re right mathematics is counting money… You are the funniest for your dissection of these rappers lyrics..!!! I can’t wait to see more..

  • LOL! OMG! For real you are hilarious! I find it so interesting that you would digest these lyrics this way. I Love it and you.

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