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  • TenaciousLadyT

    HAHA….That was amazing! Cold blooded murders afraid of a bee! lol love it! When’s the next ‘Funny or Die’?

  • Tyrone

    This “Hollywood/sitcom world” is not doing you justice. Who would have thought you would go from Lyricist Lounge to Joan Clayton? Now Girlfriends is over. Are you going to the next level? Your beauty, both inside and out can be daunting to some. However, somewhere you will find the opportunity to be just as strong, smart and sexy as you are without having to hold back in fear of outshining your co-stars. No disrespect to these women, but with your pedigree, none of them belong on camera next to you. You are a true actress, you restore the art to the profession. Don’t just sit on the wall in the museum. Be the living, breathing work of art that is Tracee Ellis Ross, daughter of “the Boss”.

  • Tyrone

    Nonetheless, you did look incredible in that tank top.

  • Iamasmaah

    Omg ms tracee ! It so Brown , tanned out and fabulous

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