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FOR THE LOVE OF…BOWLS Posted on March 11th, 2014 in Tracee.

#ForTheLoveOf is back!!  Little known fact about meeee: I luv me some bowls. Like seriously, I collect them.  They really are the best things to eat out of.  I’ve got lots and lots, all different types…. so many bowls, that of course I made a song about them.  Like to hear it? Here it go.


  • Sweetdrk1

    I love you! #thatsall


    Best. Bowl. Song. EVARRRRRRRRRRRR!


  • Jackie A. Murray

    Hahahahahaha, girl you are CRAZEEEEEE~ I’m DYING here in FL. That was good.

  • QB


  • di

    I like the sound of The first Bowl!Omto singing Bowl!!!

  • Annette

    Tracee, I just saw that you are joining Anthony Anderson this fall for a new sitcom. Glad for that. Love your work and the quality roles you are able to acquire. Big Fan! Annette

  • Darryl Ballinger

    Dim bowels, dim bowls, Wow, you really love dim bowls, alright !!! I love your hair too. I would love to send you copy of my self-help book UNBEWEAVABLE. Just email me where to send it.

  • You are absolutely crazy but I LOVE IT!

  • princessglee

    Made me LOL! Thanks

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