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  • Nicholas Jaye

    Love It! Part I and II have been worthwhile distractions from my Saturday Study Session–Reminders to not take myself so seriously all the time!

  • Molly

    Those are some amazing bowls though.

  • Natasha Blevins

    You are sooooooo silly! I love me some #BOWLS

  • Andrew

    I can’t stop and I won’t stop smiling all the way thru Bowls Part 1&2. You are so easy to love. And of course this March 26 Diana Ross as we know her will celebrate a birthday and I adore her like so many in the world do. Happy Birthday to you Diana Ross. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Everyone 3/17.

  • Freddie

    Where’s that CD Tracee?

  • di

    Yes, It’s Me!!Why the Strange reaction?

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