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Flashback Girlfriends Friday!

Flashback Girlfriends Fridays
Flashback Girlfriends Friday! Posted on April 19th, 2013 in Tracee.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how much I love #TBT (Throwback Thursday). Well, I found a a stack of old behind-the-scenes pics from Girlfriends and I thought I would do a #FlashbackFriday as a throwback to #ThowbackThursday and call it #FGF (Flashback Girlfriends Fridays), hahahah! You need to read that very slowly and have a degree in linguistics to make sense of what I just wrote. But, here is the 1st #FGF

I honestly have no recollection of which episode this is from (we did like 173 episodes so they have gotten a little bit blurry in my head). But, I do know it is in Joan’s bedroom and that that is Joan, Toni, Maya and Lynn. Ha! Love those ladies!!!!

Maybe someone out there can let me know which episode this pic is from! That would be helpful.




  • Bria Monet

    This episode is taking place in Maya’s hotel room in NYC in the season 5 episode “New York Bound”

  • Yeah. It’s definitely the NYC trip episode where Toni went to confront Todd about staying in NYC; Joan decided that she was going to tell William that she wanted him as more than a friend; and Maya was meeting with hte publishing folks.

  • GOLDjasper

    goTTa Go OuT Now for a few but ill BEBACK!!
    FeeeeLing ohhhhsOooo muchBETTER!!!

    AHAHAHAHAAAA!!! uh-OH!!★^_^★LOLOL!!!

  • Rita V

    New York Unbound!!!!

  • Tamika

    No this is the hotel room in NY when Maya got her book deal. End of season 4.

  • Tamara

    Do you remember the details on the outfit though, I always thought the skirt and sweater were J. Crew, but are those shoes vintage?

  • Martine

    I was thinking it was the trip to NYC in the hotel room, when Joan was running from the woman in the hotel who thought she was hitting on her girlfriend LOL.

  • Fay

    I think that’s when you all were in NY! When the lesbian chased Joan down? Gawd I miss this show!

  • Aleecia

    NYC episode- Maya got her book deal, your in love with William, Toni’s preggo and chasing Todd, and Lynn came back from looking for her birth father. (The fact I know that from looking at one pic is hilarious to me! Lol)

  • jas

    IT was the nyc trip episode which re-aired today on centric ! i miss the show =(

  • I watch at least one episode of Girlfriends a day. I just can’t let it go. It’s my fav! :)

  • That’s photo is awesome.

  • Fashion Girl

    This is definitely the episode when Toni wanted her husband back,and you decided you were going to confront your feelings for William,but you ended up get chased by that crazy woman or something along those lines! I desperately need a Girlfriends movie!

  • World’s Biggest Girlfriends Fa

    Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Tracee. That is not Joan’s bedroom. It is the hotel in NYC when Maya went for her book deal. I know every single episode of Girlfriends! All you have to do is describe a scene or tell me what one of the girls was wearing and I can tell you which episode it is. Love the show (yes, present tense love). I have all the DVDs!!!

  • ellesauvignon

    This wasn’t your bedroom! lol this was in NYC, in the hotel.

  • Kayleigh

    This is the new york trip in the hotel when everone is taking about themselves and where they are toni wanted her man to come home because she is having the baby an joan is in love woth william. Mya got her book deal and lynn wa looking for somecomfort in finding her father. Season five i believe. New york bound

  • Tracey Dillard

    Ok Ladies, Seeing that I’m a JOANER!!!!Let’s give Tracee dialogue from the screen!!! Lol….That’s how much I watch it
    Toni: Its time we all get on with our life, and its ok Joan for you to love William

  • Neko

    And Maya didn’t want to pay for the $20 kit kat…

  • jeneenparker

    I am watching girlfriends right now!! but I know the above episode is in NYC in Mya’s hotel room and my favorite part was when Mya open and ATE that $20 KitKat Candy Bar and didnt want to pay for it!!!! Girl I love every last episode of Girlfriends!!!! Any question I can answer, have all the DVDS…Loved the cast and the show!!!

  • FBF! Oh great! Thanks! U just ruined my entire day. U just did 2me what 4 x-boyfriends could not – break my heart. I did not realize until now how much I miss yr show. Yr show set-off the estrogen explosion that is the housewives’ franchises. I GET IT NOW, this is ALL YR FAULT; we watch these shows b/c we r looking 4 a glimmer of Joan Carol Clayton and her besties.

  • Sissy

    Hi Tracee…that’s actually one of the episodes where you ladies went to NYC…Maya for Oh Hell Yes, Lynn to find her dad, and Toni to win back Todd. Joan tagged along to avoid dealing with William.

  • stephanie williams la, ca

    thats the episode everyone went to NYC because Maya got a book deal : ) love that show!

  • jmarie

    i too thought it was one of the nyc episodes…….. *sigh* i miss this show so much

  • Maya and that Million dollar Kit Kat Bar! hilarious.

  • Ari

    Toni was trying to get back with Todd. Joan went to NY to get away from William cause she didn’t think she wanted to be with him.

  • Keona Anntionette

    This is actually in New York, Mya’s hotel room. You were running from William who was confessing his love for you, Toni was trying to get her husband back and made a huge scene on set of his reality show, Mya was in talks with the publishing company about her book deal and ate a $20 Kit Kat, and Lynn was along for the ride I think.

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