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  • Lee

    I agree Tracee that it was probably not your best look on the show…but I was a huge fan of your “Look” on that show. I still watch old episodes for the fun, fierce and fabulousness that was Joan Clayton.

  • If anyone could pull off those stuck to you like glue pants, it would be Ms. Joan Clayton! She was coming out of her lawyer suit and business attire and mixing it up while trying to spice up her life with a new business venture. the J Spot!
    And can I just say that I LIVE for Toni’s expression! LOL That pregnancy had her mind all types of messed up! #FGF
    Oh, Girlfriends how I miss you.

  • Eye just love you and your mother’s legacy… one day we’ll meet; either on stage or maybe bumping into you at a Starbucks or something :-)

  • Syed

    I don’t what these guys are talking about those pants… Wow! Nuf said.

  • Nice round firm butt Tracee. Nice pants.

    • GreenLeafLover

      lol, why are you trynna get at her through a pic lmao

  • Natalie

    hmmm … okay, Yeah I can see that. Perhaps not the best “look” Joan ever pulled off. But damn girl … you’re hot in whatever … **wink** … Interestingly enough, I had such a stressful week that last night I popped in Season 6 DVD and laughed my pants off (no pun intended) while sipping on some vino. Yup! Best $250+tax I ever spent to own the entire series :-)

    • Natalie

      Oopppss I meant $150+tax (guess my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet) lol

  • m.m_ln

    Forgive me for laughing but I do so only because a few days ago I too had the same experience. I had no idea I was hauling @ss like that until I caught a glimpse of myself in what I’m convinced is a trick mirror at the TARGET. I love these pants but my butt don’t and I never knew!

  • I finally gave up my calf-length culotte/cropped pants this spring during spring cleaning. No lie–I bought a black pair because I saw you wearing those pants on Girlfriends…but that was, like, eight years ago. :-D

  • Fatima Aydin

    I didn’t see anything wrong. I always loved your fashion on girlfriends. You were always on point. I couldnt wait when the next episode would come because I couldn’t wait to see what you would wear. Love my dvd collection. Miss the dhow.

  • dhov21

    damn trace

  • gf#1fan

    Tracee you gave yourself away the 1st episode of the 1st season with that green dress ;-)

    • walter rowan

      Um with you on that the first episode got me hooked um on season 3 if I can order it ha ha on amazon

  • Jeff Thompson

    your kidding me right? You look great in those pants…… and I thought your little cameo in “Touch the sky” spoke volumes about what your packing.. but this!!! OM MFG!!!!

  • Straight Hood

    Them pants showed off the ass from heaven. Two rap lyrics describe that ass.

    – Never trust a big butt and a smile, that girl is poison – BBD

    -How your waist anorexic and the ass is colossal – Big Sean

    – Love the way you activate your hips and push your ass out – Tupac

    – Girl you look good want you back that ass up – Juvenile

    Nothing to be ashamed of. Your stock in the hood went up ten fold after that. I always thought you were just some goofy girl, but a goofy girl with ass, now that’s a different subject all together. I can learn to like a goofy girl with an ass like that.

    • Walter Rowan

      How about She can’t wear Gucci cause you can fit a cup on her booty…

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