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  • JaeBe

    My story behind this issue – For years I had bought Essence religiously then stopped for a really long time. I felt it was getting redundant and it wasn’t really a necessity the same way I thought it was when I was younger. That summer I went to New York with my cousin (I live in Toronto) and needed reading material for the trip. I saw you on the cover and I was sold! I bought it immediately! I didn’t look inside, I didn’t care what else was being covered. Because you were on the cover I knew it had to be a good issue and it was honestly one of the best they had put out in a very long time. I read that issue back to front at the cafe I had breakfast at each morning around the corner from my hotel. Your article and the one about Stacie Henderson (Marketing Director @ US Versace) were so inspiring, and you looked SO GORGE in your spread I made the decision to make some serious moves in my life (that was the intention of the trip and the mag was such a bonus!).

    I recently did an overhaul of a room of mine and found a ton of old magazines. Yours was one of the only ones I kept.

    I NEVER gush about celebs much less write them a note but wanted to let you know because you seem so down to earth.

    Love the blog – Take care :)


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