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  • Andrew

    Tracee Joy I remember when I graduated High School and me and two of my friends drove cross country. We got lucky and saw Diana Ross at the Universal Amphitheater. Next day we drove to 401 N. Maple Dr., Beverly Hills and met Chico outside the house. You and Rhonda were very young at that time. I have been a fan of Diana Ross since I was a young boy. Tracee I have said this before you all are amoung the warmest most loving people on the planet.

  • Andrew

    I mean 701 N. Maple Dr. That was in the early 70’s. Oh what fun!!!

  • Fay

    Love the denim shirt you’re wearing! What brand is it?

    • Adair

      I’d love to know too! And also the brand of that gorgeous necklace. You look great!

  • Nikki

    I love how you’re just sitting there all effortlessly fab and not taking any of it too seriously! You are a brave soul. Lol.

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