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  • Love the biker look, come and ride my bike Tracee.

  • twistedvixenelegance

    I LOOOOVE this look! You absolutely have the body for it. I’m “Lovingly Chunked” so it may not work for me..but I’m gonna try it. It won’t hurt anything, right? lol *skurred*

  • Nice! I would feel self-conscious wearing a body suit because I’m so small but since you suggested throwing on a blazer I just might try it. BTW, LOVE the make-up ;)

  • andrea

    I probably buy a Ruby Woo AT LEAST once a year even though i have SEVERAL! It’s just the most UH-MAZING red EVUH! Besame’s C210 Cherry Red ( is a good one too. You actually have to REMOVE it, like work.
    NOTE: *SCREEEAM* either they changed the name to Besame Red or C210 no longer exists.

  • @WednesdayzGurl

    I absolutely adore this look!!! I need that chain!

  • UrbanWhim

    Off topic, but Tracee have you found Mac’s Ruby Woo to be somewhat dry? I slap it on and in seconds my lips feel incredibly chalky. What do you suggest I use as a lip base or top coat? I don’t mind the shiny look that gloss gives me but it also takes away from the appeal of a matte finish.

  • SandraJoëlle Mekoa

    This is so beautiful!!! love that make up. the lipstick is the Bomb and the eyes are hot!!! wish i knew how to make up my eyes this way.

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