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  • <3

  • Rochelle Sodipo Washington

    Innovate. Thrifty and Fab! Good look!

  • KC

    Those boots are HOT!!!

  • Mrs Jones


  • Loving the look. I remember those Manolo boots maybe because I had them. I rocked them everywhere. ha

  • Mandy Geralys

    Love, love, love it!!

  • I absolutely LOVE you Tracee!!! Your personality, style, sense of humor, care-free persona, EVERYTHING!! I’m so excited that you have your own website!! I’m making this my new home page =)

  • Hi Tracee! Boots are fierce!! Love the way you put it together!! You deserved to be on the list. You have your own style and personality! People love you girly!! =)

  • NYCGal

    OK seriously Tracee please design your own line at Target or Kolh’s for us regular gals.

  • Khem

    I tear it and wear it all the time!!!!! Just never called it that!

  • That’s a sexy look and some of the clothes years back looks better than some of the clothes nowadays. It all depends on how the person with the outfit is wearing them.

  • A total very Hot and Classy look.. You are killing those boots…

    • Oh I totally agree with NYGAL You should have your own line.

  • Erikoko

    I love this look

  • That outfit is hot! When shopping, I am always thinking about how I can use a new piece with what’s in my closet.

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