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Tear It & Wear It: An Introduction

Tracee Tear Sheet Quote
Tear It & Wear It: An Introduction Posted on September 28th, 2012 in Style.

I don’t use a stylist, mostly because I love playing dress-up. Going into my closet, creating new looks, and re-working old ones is a form of self-expression for me. I draw my fashion inspiration from a wide range of sources: magazine editorials, advertisements, even Pinterest. The image above comes from one of my many, ever-changing Tear Sheet boards. I fill them with whatever looks are currently inspiring my sartorial choices. Sometimes I’m inspired by the mood or the vibe, sometimes it’s the color or silhouette, and sometimes I just straight up love the look so much I steal it. With each Tear It & Wear It feature, I’ll show you my source image and how I reinterpreted the look with my own pieces. I hope you enjoy the feature, and try it yourself!


  • You’re style is iconic.

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  • Maggie T.

    Awesome. A little inspiration… that’s physical and not just in your head. I really have to do this… for many things. Love your site and your spirit, sis!!

  • Love love LOOOOOVE this idea!!!

  • Lovely


  • I never thought of “Tear it Wear it” Pinerest has been a great source of outfits. Love what I have been seeing for the fall. The leopard dress you wore to the BET awards was amazing. Never knew you didnt use a stylist.

  • Shelly James

    Love the concept love love love your sense of style Tracee

  • Eye love this.! This idea is fashion genius.

  • I love playing dress up, too! More than I ever thought I would. I’ve sewn a lot this year and I think the pride I feel from knowing that I can make things that I like and that fit well has given me so much more confidence this year. I look forward to seeing what you do with this space!

  • Coffy

    Ohhh Tracee, I am so happy you created this! As many women of color out there, I consider you as a role model and fashion icon.
    I have been watching Girlfriends religiously and have been screening Joan’s outfits and trying to recreate the looks
    In a word, thanks!

    Coffy from Paris :)

  • NYCGal

    You don’t need a stylist. I’ve been tearing and wearing your outfits for years.

  • Jay

    You have been my style icon since girlfriends! Inspired by your fashion and your spirit!

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  • Keishondra from Atlanta

    I love the tear it and wear it idea! I love pinterest and the great fashion combos I see. Maybe I will try this too:-) btw I love your website

  • Great idea Tracee! I have been doing the same thing in order to renovate my wardrobe.

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