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  • Sing

    You have really great pieces. I’m a huge fan of vintage. I have taken three dresses and turned them into skirts. The pink dress and yellow dress (only 80 cents!) I just cut off the top above the elastic waist, threw on a wide belt and shirt and out the door. The printed maxi dress I had professionally altered. The top portion of the dress was way too little and it was too gorgeous a fabric to pass up. I’m thinking once I tire of the maxi length I want to make it a midi style length, what do you think? Leave it alone or go for it?

  • Freddie

    Knew that black and white as soon as you held it up. You were sitting for the photo shoot. You have great taste and those vintage dresses are lovely. I hope you do this again.

  • Excellent ideas..and excellent selection! Yes..always like your assets but love your personality! Still sexy and gorgeous and deliciously intelligent! :)

  • I LOOOOOOVE this!!! I am so inspired right now!!!

  • Marianne

    Love the down-to-earth nature of this piece!!! But really…The star was Lady Bug…

  • I love this feature! I hope you do more of them in the future.

    I love to thrift shop, and have been lucky enough to stumble upon two true vintage pieces for a steal!! I’m a huge fan of refashioning, though I do it myself rather than hire a tailor. That makes the transformation even more special for me ;o)

  • Amanda

    Thanks for sharing the backstory for all these pieces. I’m inspired to find some gems in my local vintage stores too. Do you have any tips on how to identify vintage items with potential and avoid those that truly can’t be reworked?

  • Ha haa ha, I am amused with your analogy of vintage dresses. In comparison your talent with
    a sewing machine must be desired by woman at all levels of society. It coins the phrase Taylor made, I am sure
    you love the way they fit. He hee he!

  • Taj Bruno

    You look beautiful and I love vintage clothing.

  • Yellow251

    I’m a big fan of vintage items. Right now, I’m into vintage necklaces and brooches. I’ve collected quite a few over the last couple of weeks. You really have some great pieces!!!

  • The Hourglass
    no choice but to take my time with you.

  • Shinae

    love that idea…how would you modernize this dress found this pic and you only have to dash into yr mom’s closet for it! LOL

  • Love this! All I wear is vintage clothing! You have been a style inspiration. I used to tailor my clothes after what you wore on Girlfriends, and even now when I see you on the red carpets. Keep inspiring us with your style!

  • peace.

  • I LOVE all of the pieces you picked out….can’t wait to see posted photos of each outfit!

  • I LOVE all of your vintage pieces….I can’t wait to see posted photos of each outfit with hair, make-up and accessories.

  • luvlyles

    Tracee, you are gorgeous. You are one my fashion icons. I wish I had a pocket sized TER just to tell me what to wear sometimes. I consider myself an eclectic fashion person. I just love beautiful clothes and I know what I like when I see it. These two pieces, the black floral dress and orange dolman sleeve shrug are two of my favs. The dress belonged to my Aunt Margie who like myself did not let her fluffiness keep her from being fabulous. The orange shrug is one of my finds and everytime I wear either piece I receive many compliments. So excited to be able to share this with you.

  • Michi Chassagne

    Hey, there! Here are a handful of my favorite re-worked vintage pieces. 1) My vintage canary & creme blazer altered into 3 quarter length sleeves – about $5 bucks. 2) Double trouble friends rocking two reworked vintage pieces: Lizzie Leral, belted her fabulous vintage flowered smock – so so fresh! My tailor altered this pastel colored plaid blazer I purchased in Chicago, into 3 quarter length sleeves (again) haha! I think I snagged it for $10 bucks. 3) One of my ABSOLUTE favorite finds in Austin, TX was this blousy orange & black, long-sleeved and embroidered cotton blouse. I could not leave the store without it because it had crazzzzzy potential. Oh, I think I paid $25 bucks for this little number. Anyway, I took it to my tailor in NY to cap the sleeves, and rocked it with a belt. I was very happy with the outcome! +Michi Chassagne – NYC

  • Michi Chassagne

    Oh, duh! Here’s the photograph grid of a few of my reworked vintage pieces. Keep up the ah-mazing work with the TER site. I enjoy the content. +Michi Chassagne

  • Omg, such beautiful pieces. I thrift a lot also. I don’t normally reconstruct my pieces, but now I’m thinking I should, wow! Can’t wait to see you in that last dress, what a beauty!


  • Jacs

    Love it!!!!!

  • simonebe

    adore adore adore I know the celebrity fashion line field is sooo over saturated but you are one who deserves it! double accckkk to all your lovely frocks!

  • You’re so funny, Tracee! I love it! : )

  • I love it, am such a vintage fanatic too, have been for the past 8yrs!!!

  • Lagelle

    I have reworked so many vintage pieces but never taken before pics just after. Here is a vintage apron as a halter top, which I love! Great blog <3

  • Ms. Valentine

    Hi Tracee,

    I know this is very late but this dress reminded me of the one that you wore in the main commercial made for Reed between the lines. It is a vintage dress that I purchased from a local thrift store.

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