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My Day With Simin Erbel!

My Day With Simin Erbel! Posted on October 29th, 2013 in Style.

While we are on the style kick (you know with me asking your help in choosing my BGR looks and all) I thought I might share some behind the scenes goods from a recent, impromptu photo shoot.  For no other reason than for the fun I had with the beautiful, and insanely talented photographer Simin Erbel. Oh, how I love having my picture taken (which I am sure you have noticed by now). Well, this shoot was way cooler than the “selfie” shoots I do myself, and I just adore the resulting pictures.  I mean my goodness, Simin you’re amazing.

Fun fact: Simin’s husband, Cory Becker, accompanied her on the shoot (you can see him assisting in the video, lol), but it turns out he’s a fantastic musician.  So we thought it’d be fun to use one of his songs as the soundtrack for this video.  I mean could this couple be anymore talented?

You can check out more of Simin’s work on her Tumblr and Instagram (fair warning though, be prepared to loose a day scrolling through endlessly captivating images).


  • Stanisha

    You are Absolutely Beautiful Tracee!

  • Andrew

    How lucky am I to feel so included in your life. You are so loveable. Your enthusiasm for life is a special gift from God. I wish you peace, love and happiness. Thank you for sharing and your commitment to all of us who keep looking forward to more adventures with Tracee Ellis Ross! You are an inspiration to all that you come in contact with.

  • Such beautiful shots. The camera effect and lighting are really amazing.

  • Kush Nuba

    i’m a dude. this site is obviously for girls and the girlie, right? ok. just lettin’ you know i got love for you Tracee. all the best.

  • Taj

    Beautiful as always.

  • Parchay

    Stunning. I love these photos :)

  • Elodie Jane

    Simin a un grand sens artistique ! Ses photos sont sublimes ! Tout comme vous!

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  • Tyrone

    All I want is to see that elegant black body with clothing that compliments your frame.

  • nickels

    I love everything about the looks you chose! So naturally sexy! My style icon thru and thru. You always make it seem so effortless

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