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Lord Give Me Strength…Or At Least Flat Shoes

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Lord Give Me Strength…Or At Least Flat Shoes Posted on January 22nd, 2013 in Style.

So, I recently had the honor of presenting the United Negro College Fund’s “Evening of the Stars.” It was a great night, and I met the MOST inspiring young people! I love the teens! I’ll be sharing a lot more in the days to come, but go ahead and mark your calendars and set your DVRs now because the show airs January 27th on BET! There’s music, inspirational stories, and so much fun. Don’t miss it!

But the point of this post, is to talk about the shoes I wore to this event. Well they’re not so much shoes, as they are foot sculptures. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING comfortable or wearable about these shoes. They are, however, gorgeous. So I just thought of them as jewelry for the feet, and hobbled and winced my way down the red carpet. I have a secret though: I didn’t just bring these shoes to the event.I stashed a pair of flats in my purse and spent the entire evening changing in and out of them. It was actually hilarious, but at least the flats and heels matched!



  • Taj

    Gorgeous shoes

  • TheBantuGirl

    There is a kikuyu (a Kenyan Language) saying to the effect of – beauty is not for the faint hearted. The shoes are indeed lovely.

  • Stacy Currie

    Girl! I did the same thing tonight. I wore these fabulous boots from Banana Republic and wore my Via Spiga shoe on the walk to my car…lol! I’m massaging my feet now as I drink my red wine ;)

  • Alli Simon

    I wonder if you remember me yelling “Where are your Tims?” when you took this picture that night… :-)

  • Alli Simon

    I wonder if you remember me yelling “Where are your Tims?” when you took this picture that night… :-)

  • Stefany

    I have always been impressed with your footwear fortitude. Good lord, lady!

  • Darlene

    LOL Where did you get the flats? I have retired the heels and only wear flats, cute flats. You can never go wrong with leopard.

  • ellesauvignon

    OMG love those shoes! Both pair actually. I want a leopard pair of pumps, but haven’t found the perfect ones for my budget. Those leopard Louboutin flats are darling.

  • Thank you for paying homage to comfort…

  • WhatIMean

    Smart woman!

  • WhatIMean

    Smart woman!

  • Andrew

    That is a head turning ankle boot for sure. You look fabulous!

  • Hey tracee! Can you do a blog on african prints in clothing and shoes? Im obsessed with afriacan prints right now and I know you probably love them too! Ok thanks!


    Shoes (both) are awesome!

  • Yellow251

    Hot shoes! I understand your pain, when I was younger, I faked comfortable so many times *sigh* but now I will change shoes in a heartbeat!

  • Fabulous shoes!! I do the same thing when I go out. I keep a pair of flip-flops in my purse lol!

  • They are Fabulous!!! And I Hear THAT!!! I say, “There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with carry a pair of flats”.

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