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  • I’m far from being a fashionista, however I know what feels good for me. Keep it simple and comfy. I feel like a “natural woman”. I really like how you wear Honor. It’s a combination of the design and you that makes it works so well for you!

  • in (Maya from girlfriend’s voice) Joan Carol Clayton Tracee Ellis Ross! what were u thinking when u made that face?!! lol lol.jk love u but still that face u made was a whole a lot of love love u..ur 1 of my role models.

  • Pepster

    OMG I always admired your style on Girlfriends. I love pantsuits and you wear them very well :-)…Cute Idea wearing the jacket backwards. Awesome

  • Tajma

    Absolutely gorgeous and some of your best looks as well. You have impeccable style.

  • Stina Nico

    Can I puhleeeeaze have your wardrobe Tracee!!! Love it all. The fabulous hair, the pink and red clashes so perfectly, the tassle earrings, the pop of lipstick, and the heels. Oh lawd! The heels! Love it! P.s. Your character
    Joan on Girlfriends was a HUGE positive influence on me growing up. Love your style, your hilarity, and your positivity! Thank you

  • Lauren H.

    Love all the Honor looks! Classically chic with just the right little embellishments…I love their little touches;-)

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