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For the Love of Flats

For the Love of Flats Posted on March 12th, 2013 in Style.

I love a stiletto but I am inspired by flats lately. So much so that I decided to make this little video for you. Chic and comfy! What more can you ask for? Here are the shoes I’m wearing in the video in the order that they appear: Zara patent loafer (in stores now), Celine platform (a DIVA flat), Zara black creeper, blue suede flats by Common Projects, Marni studded brogue and my Balenciaga brogue. Which pair are your favorite??



  • Tippy2006

    It’s funny that you brought this topic up. I too have currently been obsessed with flats lately. I caught my fever for flats back in February when thinking about new spring outfits. They’re just so comfy and you can rock them day or night. I almost die when I was looking at the flats at Jessica Simpson’s website. Nice to see someone else on my side about flats.

  • The Celine platform’s!! I LOVE a good flat-ish, wedge-esque shoe for spring and summer!

  • Stefany

    Tie between those blue suedes and the studded brogues. Hot damn.

  • di

    The Blue Suede Flats, most definitely! I love Blue anything and everything.You’re best,Ms.T

  • Marianne

    So friggin artistic!! Do your talents have an end??

  • TheBantuGirl

    Ha! What fun, so hard to chose just one.

  • Bree

    Blue suede for me. You are so quirky and cute!

  • Jay

    1st & 3rd pair! Ohh lala

  • Kay

    Adore you, Ms. Tracee!

  • Yellow251

    The Marni pair are my favs from the video.

  • I love all of your flats!
    Nice choices Tracee, sometimes they add a bit of whimsy, panache and comfort to an outfit.
    Thanks for this you always make me smile!
    Have a fabu day!

  • Tammy P

    Love all your flats!!! So pretty!!

  • ashley

    this was almost like a get well soon card …. makes you smile..

  • I love your site Tracee. Real honest and cool. I am smiling from ear to ear. Thanks! Will check back later and share with my friends!

  • Helen Oyekan

    My entry for the love of I like flowers/my2children/Books & Movies

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