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  • Aebony Mitchell

    awww, Tracee..Embarrassment is the worst feeling ever but Im sure nobody cared and enjoyed seeing you being….you. tee hee. Can’t wait for the show. Me and my darling 9 year old daughter will be watching. I get a high from the show every year. I love being a black woman. Blessings Tracee!

  • Aebony Mitchell

    Oh, excuse me my darling daughter said I didn’t tell you her name which is Selah Camille Mitchell…Selah has many meanings in the bible it is a moment in music or prayer to take a pause or moment of peace and Camille is from Camille Cosby because my mommy LOOOVES her.”…in case you needed to know all..of that. Did I mention she was darling? *clears throat*

  • lioness512

    Okay so jealous …not really, but what is it that you put or r doing to yr legs…they look wonderful in that jumper….if u r using something good pls share!

  • kaijackson

    happy sunday ms. ross,

    i just discovered a new musical artist that you may enjoy — selah sue. she is fron belgium and she is amazing. i would love to hear what you think. have a wonderful day!

    • kaijackson


  • L.Duncan

    You looked great in that jumper!!! And how jealous am I that you get to “shop” in your moms closet?! So cool!!

  • Tajma

    I have been raving about this jumper since I saw you in it and it is beautiful. You look amazing.

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  • LQ

    lol I just LOVE you!! The look on your face when you stepped out of your shoe was awesome! That jumper… FABULOUS, and that is an understatement!

  • Kisha

    Tracee this look is every bit of fabulous! This is going to be a Tear it & Wear it for me.

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