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A pioneer of performance art, Marina Abramovic (born Yugoslavia, 1946) began using her own body as the subject, object, and medium of her work in the early 1970s. The self-described “Grandmother of Performance Art”, Abramovic is known to push her body to physical extremes in pursuit of her artistic goals.

For the exhibition Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present, The Museum of Modern Art’s first performance retrospective, Abramovic sat for seven hours, six days a week, for three months staring silently into the eyes of whomever took possession of the chair opposite her. Over the course of the exhibit Abramovic sat motionless for over 700 hours, and an estimated 750,000 museum-goers sat across from here gazing back into her eyes and becoming participants in the artwork themselves.

hair inspiration

For this look, which I call the round brush blowout, I leave the root with natural texture to create some great volume and curl with both the small-medium and big-medium sized barrels of ceramic irons. I wore the resulting look to the Max Mara Crystal Lucy Awards in 2009.  

Tracee Ellis Ross - Boobs and Comments

I’m often asked online why I don’t wear bras. It’s a strange question, usually followed by something about how I need to “lift ’em up.”

I realize I’m not the only person faced with odd or inappropriate “comments” left on their photos; nor am I the only person confronted by this modern issue of boob placement.

Bras and our ever evolving breasts are a topic I often hear discussed by women.