Random Post

Joel Salatin is a smart, passionate farmer from Virginia whose innovative livestock operation was featured in Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma. He’s now published his own book called Folks, This Ain’t Normal. It’s an incredibly interesting look at the state of industrial agriculture, and it’s effect on our health and culture. His hope with this book is to awaken a thirst for a knowledge about food, farming and sustainability. And he did just that for me.

Tracee Ellis Ross - New Years

It will soon be a New Year, and with it come new resolutions; new hopes and promises for our future. I like to set an intention instead of listing resolutions. I pick a theme of what I will work on within myself, and I choose a handful of words that will be my guide for the year. I’d love to hear about your intentions, themes and resolutions! So head to the comment section and tell me what they are (I’ll share mine too). Maybe we can keep ourselves accountable for the promises we’ve made!