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Ask Amy - Negativity Cover

As if it wasn’t enough to absolutely KILL IT at the Golden Globes with fellow host Tina Fey, Amy Poehler goes and releases this awesome advice video. You guys, I am so obsessed with Amy Poehler. LUV HER! For those who don’t know, Amy has this video series called Ask Amy where she gives advice to young girls. In her most recent video she’s asked how to resist negativity, and her reply rocks! I love what she says and how she says it and its great info for everyone —a great reminder with helpful suggestions.

Tracee Shine Awards Post

This year I was humbled to receive The Shine Award for “Positive Presence.” To accept they asked me a few questions about my life, my career, and even the interwebs! As I say in the video, I hope you’re trusting yourself, and trusting your own, unique journey. Enjoy!