Random Post

Tracee Blow out video

Okay, so I wanted to yap about how excited I was about the Grammys, Downton Abby, and my new & fab Joyus bracelets but really this video just ended up being all about my new, amazing blow out!!! Y’all know I love a good blow out and this one was just too good not to share! In the end, this video really just became exclusively about the hair but I’m okay with that hahaha!

Video Nasr and Ross

I’m participating in The American Heart Association‘s campaign to promote heart health. Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans, but there are so many simple steps, healthy habits that can help reduce your risk. So throughout the month, I’ll be encouraging you to join the healthy challenge, and I’ll be providing some tips you can use to help increase your heart’s health. This first tip I learned from Riad Nasr, a very famous chef, and an all around awesome dude who is like my surrogate big brother! (Seriously Google him and familiarize yourself with the amazingness that is Riad). I’ve been trying to schedule a cooking lesson with him, and one day when the planets align and our schedules permit we’ll make it happen, but I had an impromptu run in with the PRO and he offered a tip that I wanted to share.