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Ok, ok, ok, I get it now. Pretty much everyone in the world but me knew about macaroni pie (thanks, Twitter). So let me explain: a commenter on the site described making a macaroni pie for the holidays. Well I was fascinated and had tons of questions, so in my most recent video I asked, and Taj was kind enough to answer. So for my own edification, and for anyone who isn’t from the islands, here is Taj’s description of the scrumptious sounding Macaroni Pie:

This New Year’s Day I found myself lounging around, flipping through channels when I stumbled across a Dan Rather Special Report on Antibiotics in America. It was fascinating! So I scrambled for the DVR, and made sure to take in the whole episode. The report examined the alarming consequences of the overuse of antibiotics in our country. Which has created a rise in antibiotic-resistant infections that costs us more than $35 billion a year!

Even more alarming, the rise in resistance threatens to bring back diseases we’d previously thought eradicated. Rather also takes us to Norway, a country whose taken a more prudent approach to the use of antibiotics.

Joel Salatin is a smart, passionate farmer from Virginia whose innovative livestock operation was featured in Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma. He’s now published his own book called Folks, This Ain’t Normal. It’s an incredibly interesting look at the state of industrial agriculture, and it’s effect on our health and culture. His hope with this book is to awaken a thirst for a knowledge about food, farming and sustainability. And he did just that for me.