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Tracee Ellis Ross Cover - Mr. Rogers

Today marks the one week anniversary of the horrific event at Sandy Hook. I, like all of us, send prayers and hugs to those who lost loved ones and all those touched personally by this tragedy. Our country is grieving.

I’ve been reticent to speak on the topic, but  am so grateful to all those that have been willing to share their stories and voices as we search for solutions. This is such an important dialogue that requires our participation. I have read some wonderfully expressed words from others this week, and I thought you might want to check them out.  

TER - Diana Ross Dance Sequence

A friend recently sent me this video of my mom performing way back in 1969, and oh my God, you simply must watch it! The dance break near the end is everything! Apparently it’s called “The Soulful Strut.” Hahaha, I just love it! So now for your viewing pleasure, I give you my mom dancing “The Soulful Strut!”

Tracee Ellis Ross - Samsung Galaxy Note II

So, I’m not the most tech savvy gal, but the Samsung Galaxy Note II — chic, sleek and user friendly –  is designed for people just like me! …and thanks to Samsung I won’t have to go hunting for the HOT techie item this season because the Galaxy Note II is it!

The roomy screen makes reading, playing games and shooting pictures and video — and y’all know how I like to do that! — easier than ever, in 8 megapixels. The stylish S Pen makes touch screen commands quick and simple, and is a wonder for the modern-day multitasker.  Even better, the phone lets you keep multiple windows open at once. This is an edgy alternative to your boring old smartphone.