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Tracee Ellis Ross - New Years

It will soon be a New Year, and with it come new resolutions; new hopes and promises for our future. I like to set an intention instead of listing resolutions. I pick a theme of what I will work on within myself, and I choose a handful of words that will be my guide for the year. I’d love to hear about your intentions, themes and resolutions! So head to the comment section and tell me what they are (I’ll share mine too). Maybe we can keep ourselves accountable for the promises we’ve made!

Tracee Christmas Video

For Christmas Dinner we were a total of 23 people. The dining room was crowded full of family-siblings, parents, cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, grandparents aunts, uncles and kids!!!! The hum of family in action is a sound I cherish! Although I had been in charge of dinners leading up to Christmas the Christmas dinner duties were shared by all! It was beyond deelish. I think I could taste the love!