Random Post


In contrast to my last soiree, my latest dinner party was a much more low-key affair.  For Memorial Day I invited some friends over, ordered a ton of delicious pizza, made some salads, bought some more Trader Joe’s Herb popcorn, used the left over wine and champagne and Anna made her crumble again. We all gathered in my BLUE room to watch HBO’s new film Behind The CandelabraThe film is a snapshot of Liberace’s life, and although it was a bit long in my opinion the performances that Matt Damon and Michael Douglas give are FRIGGIN FAB!  Can you say Golden Globe!!! They were just really phenomenal!  Rob Lowe was creepy but they were all so fun to watch. As usual it was fun to sit around with friends, gorge on great pizza, and watch some incredible work.  So I had Liberace pizza party this Holiday weekend, what did you do?!


It’s time for another Flashback Girlfriends Friday (or #FGF)!  In this one I’m presenting my business plan for Joan’s Place. As usual, I can’t remember exactly what episode this was from, so please let me know in the comments, HA!  That said, I do remember those cargo pants.  Oh, those cargo pants.  I wonder where they are today…Wait what am I thinking?!? They’re in my closet! I’m gonna pull ’em out so stay tuned for an updated pic of me wearing them.


Fennel and Carrots

A new, interesting salad: Carrots and Fennel!  This is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  It’s simple, crunchy, and crazy delicious.  To make, add the following to a large mixing bowl and enjoy: