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Tracee Eyebrow Progress

It’s been nearly a month since I first chronicled my eyebrow growth, and I’m finally making strides with my bushy arches…well at least for my left eyebrow, I’m not totally sure what’s happening with the right, hahaha! It’s a slow process, but (hopefully) we’re in this together! How’s your progress coming along? Share with me your 80’s fluff or whatever you are naming your progress!  Oh, and if you’ve discovered any tips, tricks, or products I WANNA HEAR ABOUT ‘EM!

Flashback Girlfriends Fridays

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how much I love #TBT (Throwback Thursday). Well, I found a a stack of old behind-the-scenes pics from Girlfriends and I thought I would do a #FlashbackFriday as a throwback to #ThowbackThursday and call it #FGF (Flashback Girlfriends Fridays), hahahah! You need to read that very slowly and have a degree in linguistics to make sense of what I just wrote. But, here is the 1st #FGF


Meet Lindy & Grundy, the FAB butcher shop in the LA area!  I don’t eat meat all the time but sometimes I just need a steak or a lamb chop. And then of course there’s the concept of responsible agriculture which I learned more about when my brother, Ross, introduced me to Joel Salatin’s book. You want to know where your meat comes from if you can. Well, at Lindy & Grundy the meats are all locally raised by organic conscious farms and they’re the only whole animal butcher shop in the state! Not to mention, the two ladies who own it are awesome, informed and stylish.  Do you have a favorite old-school butcher shop in your neighborhood?