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Tracee Ellis Ross - Michael

While on vacation with my family, I was again re-united with my nephews “main man,” Michael.  I noticed one day that Michael was always around (so to speak) and so in the same way an article of clothing creates a character or a scene for me, this little stuffed man created an entire persona and life. Oh my mind is such a fun place. So, Meet Meek-a-el: a lovely french man. He likes yoga, pasta, VOGUE and naps. He’s a lover of life. He is MICHAEL!  Enjoy this video introduction, hahaha!

IMG_0981 copy

Greetings from Switzerland!  So, I went to pick up my nephew from ski school and we decided to do a wee-bit of sledding. With my new camera I can do the multiple shots, so we made a .gif of me going down the kiddie slope. Click the picture below to see it in all it’s ridiculous glory HAHA!



Tracee Ellis Ross - Eyebrows

I am growing out my face caterpillars, people!! I am loving the natural, fuller eyebrow. The 90’s are back y’all, and it’s a beautiful thing. I have been working on mine for almost a year. Are you growing your brows out?  Is anyone else on this mission with me? If so, show me!!  Let’s document this long, arduous process.  Make a video, send me your pics, tell me what products you’re using!  Happy growing!