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I was reading through Refinery29 and stumbled across this absolutely adorable blogger named Mel Burgos,  a Bronx beauty covered by the lovely ladies at Curly Essence. While enjoying her story and jotting down her product suggestions (there’s some great tips in there), I read further only to find that she’s named me as one of the people she admires!  I mean, wow! How cool! Her hair and her story are super FAB – I mean, she served 10 years in the Navy, people –  so I wanted to share the love and tell all of you about her! Here’s some fab pics of her, and you can read the story here!

Packing with Tracee

My dear friend Renee is usually the person giggling in the silly videos I post. She has been with me during many of my packing moments. Well, it was maybe during the 2nd time she was around when I was packing to leave after a long stay in ATLANTA that she grabbed her phone and captured this footage. I should tell you that I travel a lot but, although I have travelled my entire life, packing has never been easy for me. All my friends have gotten packing phone calls from me. It is an area in which I need support hahaha! I take packing very seriously. I TOTALLY take order, organization, preparedness and PACKING very seriously and Renee’s laugh always eggs me on…



Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you about the most incredible snack. It’s full of the right kind of fat and sugar, so it gives you good clean energy. And it’s delarcious. Yep, I said it.

Hashtag delarcious!


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For The Love of... Bowls

#ForTheLoveOf is back!!  Little known fact about meeee: I luv me some bowls. Like seriously, I collect them.  They really are the best things to eat out of.  I’ve got lots and lots, all different types…. so many bowls, that of course I made a song about them.  Like to hear it? Here it go.