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Answering Your Questions

I am overwhelmed with joy at the number of responses from the Ask Me Your Questions video, I can’t even tell you. There were literally hundreds of AMAZING questions, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one of them. There was just no way for me to limit my answers to just 3-5 questions, as originally discussed. So, I decided to break it up into a few Q&A sessions. Here’s the first!

Hand Washing

So, apparently not everyone hand washes their sweaters. Did you know that you can? Well, you can and I do, and i think you should too.


With her halo of healthy curls, flawless complexion and magnetic smile, Tracee Ellis Ross has become a go-to source for makeup and fashion advice. The 42-year-old star of ABC’s “black-ish” and daughter of glamorous pop superstar Diana Ross grew up in Europe and New York and spent summers in California, developing a feminine-chic style that mixes form-fitting dresses and sophisticated prints for a combination of Old Hollywood glamour and modern style. This is clearly a woman who understands the power of tailoring and how to confidently complement her gorgeous figure. It’s no wonder she has more than a million followers on her social media channels, all rich with beauty, style and well-being tips.