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  • I made my grandmothers traditional “Chicken & Waffles” My kids love it. We have the regular stuff on Thanksgiving, but on Christmas its this old favorite.

  • Freddie

    Not a cook! That is left to anyone in the family that volunteers. Sounds like you and your family had a great time. The food looked fabulous and healthy. Happy Holidays!

  • mo

    I made oyster dressing, gumbo, greens, stuffed bell peppers, and gumbo. Seafood rice dressing, Stuffed pork tenderloin as well as a roasted turkey. I live in Louisiana! Our christmas was pretty laid back and quiet because of the nasty weather, but it was still filled with lots of love. Happy holidays to you and your family !

  • Tom

    Shrimp in garlic sauce appetizer. Tomato/Feta Cheese salad. Salmon and/or filet entree, broccolli, baked potato, home made bread…and the most important food group; Chocolate Layer Cake with frosting on the frosting. What was your dessert Tracee?

  • Crissy D

    I made collard greens (my grandmothers recipe) and some yummy coquito (Puerto Rican egg nog). And yes…Both of these complement by mixed background and I love it!

  • Ida Mitchell

    I cooked Christmas breakfast for my parents and god daughter. My dad loves an egg fried in REAL butter with a runny yolk. For the ladies I prepared egg beaters with sauteed vidalia onions, yellow and orange peppers, crumbled feta cheese and seasoned with Slap Your Mama Seasoning. Grilled turkey sausage, butter toasted sponge bread with homemade hot pepper preserves, fruit and veggie smoothie (banana, orange, boiled pear and apple sauce, fresh ginger, baby spinach, an blue berries), and cafe’ du monde coffee! Not a huge cook but it was fun.

  • Andrew

    Thank you for inviting us in at Christmas! We love the Ross family. Each of you are such special people that inspire, teach,entertain and I always leave with a smile. I really mean it. Just the other day I had the opportunity to read an article where Rhonda was interviewed in her home in NYC and I found her to be so inspiring and talk about making the world a better place you all walk the talk. Oh at my house we do seafood on Christmas Eve Broiled Stuffed Lobster, Fried Shrimp( Gamberi Fritto) Stuffed Calamari,Baccala Salad.

  • Netta

    Gumbo…I’m a military spouse and rarely plan to go home(New Orleans or Oklahoma City-hubby’s home) if I am not close enough to drive. I may get stuck in some airport due to weather. I started my own tradition: a huge breakfast in the morning and gumbo for dinner.

  • Sommer Jones

    Hi Tracey! I am a military spouse living in Germany so Christmas is all about me and my babies. My eldest spent Christmas with his paternal family, so of course there was a hole in my holiday celebrating heart. But all-in-all we had a fabulous time! On Christmas Eve, we made snow man pizzas (extra spicy with jalapeno eyes and a sriracha smile!). And I made homemade bourbon pecan mini pies for santa claus. On christmas morning I made homemade waffles dyed green like christmas trees with bacon trunks. i topped with mini m&ms and pecans and dusted confectioner’s sugar for snow. For christmas dinner, i went kinda simple (for me) I made peach glazed ham, mac n cheese with bacon topping, bahamian rice n peas, collard greens and hamhocks, sweet potato casserole and buttermilk cornbread. i went less extravagant as i had just finished up my finals only a week and some change earlier…but all my hard work paid off. i got straight As my first semester back in school after 9 years! I hope you continue to enjoy the time and your wonderful family!!

  • Melanie Smith

    I’m not the biggest cook, but I do make my own Jiffy cornbread stuffing, courtesy of Rachel Ray recipe! My new tradition since last year is Popeye’s fried cajun turkey. Yum!!

  • Taj

    For Christmas I kept it simple and made baked salmon with mixed peppers, macaroni pie, fried plantain, brocolli, and a salad.

    • Louis Samuel

      Taj is that Trinidadian style Macaroni Pie and can you post the recipe for the salmon with mixed peppers pretty please?

  • Jacs

    I love how you’ve shared your family and what you love to do with us. Your site is so inviting and it speaks from your heart. LOVE IT! This year it was the warmth of being with my family and great friends. While there was plenty of food, what filled me up the most was the great times sharing, laughing and catching up. With everything going on in the world we all need to be there for each other. Thank you, Blessings to you and Happy New year!!!! P.S. Please share the baked butternut squash recipe, I would love to try it.

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