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  • kanaye

    hmm ;)

  • lillybijou

    love your answer. Thanks.

  • Stefany

    As a 25-year-old who has a lot of 40-year-old friends: I effing love you slightly older folks. I love your snark and 80s references that go over my head and the wisdom lines you’re starting to get around your eyes and the gentle yet tough love with which you handle us confused 20-somethings. And assuming I’m still around in 15 years, I can only hope to be so cool.

  • Jacs

    Tracee, how many question’s are you going to answer with the awesome responses you’re giving? LOL All I had was one little question that I’ve been wanting to know for year’s. Every time I see the episode of “Fall Down” with Donnie. Is that your mom in the hat? just a basic yes or no. Pleasssseeeeee :) Love ya!

  • nia

    I think it gets better with age- new revelations, wisdom, and beginning to care less and less about what other’s think. Lovin it and I am only 33.


    55 and its a “stone blast honey”. Eat, pray love and always do you. always keep you a younger man and if you don’t have one get one and get your groove back, it does get better with age!!!!

  • I loved this video. I’ll be 30 soon and I was able to apply your 40 advice to becoming 30 (^_^)

  • Chris Brown

    Hello Tracee, Met in Denver durring DNC (scientist), also turning 40 this year. You know 40 is the new new 20, more money ,more wisdom, and less problems. I can’t complain, you look like you can’t either. Life is good at any age Ross.

  • I’m in my 30’s but this resonated with me. Especially when you said that your pack changes and it’s ok. Amen to that. Changing and evolving as a woman is a beautiful thing, no matter what age it happens at.

  • Rabea Ballin

    Thank you Tracee, Just turned 40 aswel and you are so accurate. Parts of it is better than I expected then there is also that side that’s a bit sad. I love the journey “we” are on… glad to be on it with so many of your fans.

  • Valerie E.

    Such an open heart. Thank you so much for sharing yourself. <3

  • Thank you so much for answering my question Tracee! You expressed so well the many feelings, and experiences that I’ve had in the last seven months of being 40! Sometimes it’s even a surprise to me to say it. I want to thank you, especially for reminding me to allow myself to just be, and not focus so much on what is next? I’m always the “what’s next” girl so it’s easier said than done, but your response helps so much! Thanks so much for your candor and genuineness! It’s much appreciated!

  • Oh and you said my name correctly! Yippee! You have a fan for life!

  • Reina

    Tracee, I adore you… question? how do you prevent dry lips. I’ve been wearing Ruby Woo for years, the only problem is that I haven’t figure out how to stop my lips from being chapped.. PLEASE HELP!! i WANNA wear the lip color more often

  • lana

    I really loved your response to question#2!!! i am almost 40(38 now) and i am dreading it… But your response has made me feel better.. Thanks!!

  • Netta

    I am in my 40s, and I don’t complain about getting older. I want people to know, let it show…I don’t want the Creator to think that I am not appreciating it.

  • s.m.a

    Hi Tracee! I couldn’t agree with you more about the importance and healing powers of the movement and swaying of the womb/pelvis. Today we take for granted the knowledge of the anatomy of the physical body. The ancient Egyptians created a healing dance optimizing the healing powers of the deity Het Heru. Het Heru is the ancient Egyptian name for the faculty of the spirit that among other things is responsible for one’s ability to be inventive, artistic, romantic, sociable, entertaining, and to give and enjoy the pleasures of life. The world’s leading authority on Ancient Egyptian spirituality, Ra Un Nefer Amen and Maash-t Amm Amen, have presented the world with this Het Heru Healing dance. There are eleven movements in the dance that fully incorporate circulating and massaging the womb. The dance is incredible!!! The testimonials from this dance are uncanny! I strongly urge you to look into it. There is the Het Heru Healing Dance book and dvd and there is the Optimizing Your Het Heru Faculty book. I am not making a profit off of this promotion, I just had to share the power and knowledge!!

  • ABAM

    TRACEE!!!! Oh My Goodness..the rapid fire questions post was hilarious…I’m so inspired. Thanks for being you!!!

  • Evangeline

    This helped ME immensely and I’m going to be 53 in a few short weeks. I found myself divorced, after 21 years of marriage, hurt, financially ruined and not remembering who I was or who I was supposed to become. I am now reinventing myself. I’ve relocated, am building a new life and have a wonderful new group of smart and funny girlfriends who are younger and older than me. Most have been where I have been and can show me the way or explore the way with me and I get to mentor another who is about to experience it. I have the skills to help her get through to the other side as a whole person who is not bitter or broken but optimistic with a tender heart, ready to be loved by one who deserves her love. I was BLESSED to have gone through a failed marriage, entering my fifties, relocating and rebuilding, alone and all at once. It allowed me to grieve and get through the depression of it all in one fell swoop so that I could see the blessings and lessons that God wanted to show me. Most days, now, I only think of my ex when my alimony is late and I have found a joy and contentment that most would not in my situation. I have hope for my future and anticipate, with bated breath, all that comes next. There are so many possibilities that I can hardly wait! Whenever I feel even the slightest hint of depression I just remember that I am enough and that God has a wonderful plan for my life which wont be stopped by age, finances, location or marital status.
    Tracee Elllis Ross, You Rock, with your fly, fabulous, forty year old self! You inspire every young woman to WANT to turn 40!
    Thanks for being you!

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