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Your Questions, My Answers: #1

Your Questions, My Answers: #1 Posted on March 24th, 2015 in Musings.

I am overwhelmed with joy at the number of responses from the Ask Me Your Questions video, I can’t even tell you. There were literally hundreds of AMAZING questions, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one of them. There was just no way for me to limit my answers to just 3-5 questions, as originally discussed. So, I decided to break it up into a few Q&A sessions. Here’s the first!



  • Renee M. Conley

    As I’ve stated several times before, you’re authenticity and genuineness is beautiful and heartening. Thanks for sharing.

  • TheBantuGirl

    This totally made my day – especially no 1. and 2! I’ve got 3 covered, my daily bellydance sessions ;)

  • In your answers I can tell you embrace your Spiritual side and are so connected to this awesome universe!

  • Uria

    This was oxygen for my soul. I live in the country now and the most freeing experience is to go outside and leap, twirl, simply dance to the music inside.

  • Marianne

    Touche! Thank you…

  • Camille

    This is so bomb!!!

  • The last part actually brought me to tears. Thanks T!

  • She is so beautiful, but what makes her even more beautiful is taking the time out to give her time to people that loves her. Keep up the good work.

  • Insightful answers….so honest…the wound and music swaying…I will try it!!!!

  • Kali Nicole

    This was AWESOME!!!!! I will be swaying more often. This was the sunshine on a rainy day!!!!

  • Urbantivity

    This video just spoke to my very SOUL! I loved this so much…

  • I LOVED your response. Please keep them coming!

  • Angie

    Hello Tracee, I think this is great! Do you want me to ask the questions in this section? Sorry for sounding a little silly, lol.

  • A child cries Pa and Ma.

    Signs on a well traveled highway that are metaphoric forms of communication, The Cross and Golgotha, The Skull and the Cross, The Skull and Cross Bones, the political interpretation is a warning of death and salvation. Africa and South America are metaphors of similar interpretation of the Skull and the Cross, Africa a Man and South America a Woman with Child. Politically the Panama Canal and its creation is a metaphor that warns of death and salvation. International piracy, racism and sexual slavery are work with little are no pay are all metaphoric forms of communication. That politically engages man with the same warning of the Skull and the Cross. For those of you which are lost let your journey be one that travels the old beaten path. One day with salvation you will arrive at your destination.

  • Juanette Benson

    I loved your tip “Everything on the list isn’t supposed to be checked off.” I am a list maker too and I love a notebook or a journal to write stuff in. I am realizing that I can make the list but it has to be aligned with God’s plan for me. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

  • Angie


  • A

    Tracee! You are nothing short of inspiring. I’ve been browsing on your site for quite some time. I have felt so touched by your fearless individuality. “The thing I hated about myself or wished was different about myself are actually my gifts.” You TRULY embody this statement in everything that you do. You are cultured & adventurous. You have made it evident that there is a place for people in this world who want to explore all the secret treasures and unknowns of life. You make imperfections and stepping outside of boundaries seem not only acceptable, but normal. We need to hear more of this from women! I cannot thank you enough. As a 23 year-old in pursuit of direction towards happiness and security… I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for giving us a piece of yourself. :)

  • Taj

    This is an amazing video and you have a wonderful and positive spirit.

  • charles

    Greetings ms Tracee,
    i’m Charles and not only am i a fan of your talent and beauty but of
    course of your exquisitely iconic and beauty mommy,, uhm not just
    because of her beauty or music and film but because she reminds me of
    my first love my mom, i was curious to ask were you always comfortable
    in how we (black men) respond to you in private? if ur asking how do
    we see you,,lol well funny, silly , beautiful, nourishing , friendly,
    supportive an totally comfortable in your uniqueness, i don’t know if
    you are aware how much you are loved by african american men
    regardless of sexuality, you inspire peace within, honesty and
    reflective insight that one should at some point do in their lives,
    i’d imagine that comes from great parenting an self awareness, Was
    that an easy place to get to being you come from a very public and
    famous family? BTW please give mommy a hug an kiss from me, She’s
    played such a significant role in my love of self, music and gifts,
    Blessings & Peace Love,

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