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You Tell Me Yours & I’ll Tell You Mine

Tracee Ellis Ross - New Years
You Tell Me Yours & I’ll Tell You Mine Posted on December 30th, 2012 in Musings.

It will soon be a New Year, and with it come new resolutions; new hopes and promises for our future. I like to set an intention instead of listing resolutions. I pick a theme of what I will work on within myself, and I choose a handful of words that will be my guide for the year. I’d love to hear about your intentions, themes and resolutions! So head to the comment section and tell me what they are (I’ll share mine too). Maybe we can keep ourselves accountable for the promises we’ve made!


  • Freddie

    My resolution is to lose weight and have a more positive outlook on life: even those irritating, stupid things that have to happen,( yes have to) because they make you stronger. Happy New Year!

  • penney

    my word for 2013 is at peace with putting my dad in a nursing home that can take care of him with his alzheimers, peace with myself that i can not make my sister’s bone cancer go away..but be there for her. and peace with myself…for letting go and letting ‘god continue to guide me on this journey…and happiness…finding some in 2013

  • My resolution is to become wiser, stronger, and caring than the year before

  • Alexandria Johnson

    1. Train for a Marathon (NYC)
    2. Use what I have (cosmetics clothes, appliances, electronics etc.) and get rid of what I don’t use
    3. Become more eco-friendly and decrease my carbon footprint
    5. Read at least one book each month!

  • Leslie

    Make time to do what I LOVE to do–sew
    Spend less and save more (an annual resolution)
    Learn Mandarin Chinese (well pay attention in class while my son is learning the language–he’s 3)
    Laugh more, and worry less. I’ve weathered some harsh storms, I need to have faith that “by faith” things always works itself out

  • To be the best person that I can be. Been working on this for a while now.

  • Chiggy d’Crownadonis

    2013 will be Happier, Merrier, with more notches up on all things good and commendable

  • Discipline

  • Tasha W.

    Definitely spend less and save more!! Also spend more quality time with my family.

  • Shar Fargen

    Here is my list:

    Growth –
    continue to work on me! Learning not to go quick to judgement, try to not hold grudges,
    letting go of some of the control I always need to have, talking through how I
    feel with people, being honest more often.
    Speak to people I don’t know, make new connections and friendships, not take
    thing so personal. The list goes on and
    on for this one!

    Bold – Stretch
    my limits and try bold new things (my bold might not be what others consider

    Focus –
    spend more focused quality time with friends and family (the people I love).

    – Be discipline about working toward, and obtaining the things I want (Whether
    that is reaching a weight loss goal, learning something new, implementing a new
    habit, etc).

    Laughter –
    Remember to smile and laugh more in life, at least a couple of times a day! J

  • Liz Laughto

    It’s funny that you said you set intentions because intentions are what I set at the beginning of the new year. Some of mine are:
    love fully completely and wholeheartedly
    pursue what I want with vigour

    live and enjoy each moment I have in my life (don’t allow life to pass me by)
    reject complacency

    Hope your 2013 is off to an amazing start!

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