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  • Fly Won

    Yay I am loving fiddling around the site and getting to know a bit more about you. I too love and collect vintage! Thx for this!

  • Maria Antoinette

    Love it, love you!!! Thank you for sharing you with us!!! I can’t wait to see what makes your heart skip a beat!!!
    ~ Maria Antoinette ~

  • that covered all the bases :) Humour and depth ;) Welcome to you too and thanks for the welcoming and warm message….

  • Hey Tracee! i am excited about your newest platform!! in my head: we’ve been home girls since the Dish!

  • Huneybflyy

    You are awesome. You’re my big sister in my head! Lol

  • Dannie Todd

    Looking forward to gaining insight on the female prespective from your site. I work in a female dominated industry and utilize sites like this to better serve the sometimes, yet not of late, neglected species called “Woman”! Thanks for the site and best of luck!

  • Julie Brown

    I’m so glad that you have a space on the interwebs! Your blog will be one of my daily reads!

  • Yaay, I’m very excited about your new site and I’ll definitely be making it apart of my daily routine. :)

  • So excited about this. I consider myself a joy-seeker, a deep-thinker, a beauty-absorber; but always in my own little world. The idea of building a community with others deeply engrossed in social media outlets like myself is invigorating. Have a feeling my small world is about to expand expotentially!!!

  • Breesunni215

    Your video is hilarious yet real and honest!!! Love it!!!! I’m so exited about your site!

  • You are so awesome!! Thanks for making me “laugh out loud!!”

  • Hey lov ya God bless

  • Nova Phoenix

    I’m tuned in…watching. Always been a fan. Let’s see what’s next!

  • Tia

    Hi Tracee I love your new website. Congratulations to you on this huge success you have. God bless.

  • childcheese

    WOOP WOOP! Im super excited! I have to get my daily fix of Girlfriends just to see you. You are one of my top style Icons. I love you Tracee!- One of your biggest fans!

  • Congratulations on your site!!! Can’t wait to get to know more about you!!! Thanks for doing this!!!

  • penny

    Tracee you are the best… You make me happy whenever I feel down. Love ya and god bless you. Muah!!!

  • Kimolisa Mings

    Awesome and welcome to the next level by creating a website and linking your social media to it. Love it and I will be back. I’m going to stop before saying something corny or gushy. LOL

  • Francisca Lopez

    HEYYYYY Tracee! You’re amazing. Just LOVE and ADORE you! So happy you created this website, where we can all just connect somehow. <3 Muuah!

  • Carrie

    What a lovely welcome message. It made me smile.

  • Kissyfurclutz

    Love, love love you! I’m so excited about your new website. Congrats!

  • Kissyfurclutz

    Btw, what lipstick are you wearing in your welcome video?

  • Tajuana Shyanne

    I LOVE that you did this video at home…no bells and whistles! :) We love you Tracee!

  • nicole

    I love you because your real and beautifully human

  • Ha!!! I’d checked the site earlier this morning and it wasn’t available … but NOW it is!!! Yaaaay!!! So happy!!! As you are my “HAIR”spiration and style/fashion inspiration also!!! Thanks for being real, open, down to earth and overall just for being YOU!!!!

  • This is way nifty!
    So far loving your site!
    Have fun with it Tracee and I will have fun viewing it! : )


  • @mssballin

    Love you for doing this Tracee!

  • Shante Hillian

    I absolutely adore this site. Extremely informative, vibrant, colorful and all around amazing. I’m addicted already:)

  • Lorrechalet

    Oh WOW!! I love with your site already!! You’re my kinda girl!! Bubbly! Eclectic! Intellectual! Fashion Forward!! Love it!!

  • mikkasstyle

    Thank you Tracee!! This website rocks and so do you! I love your pinterest and instagram. This is everything I love times 10!!! WUHOO!!!!

  • amerinoz

    Congrats on the site Tracee!

  • I love, love LOVE this video! How could such a beautiful girl be so down to earth and trying to bond with everyone else? Why aren’t girls this nice in high school? We could all avoid a lot of complexes if they were just thirty five percent of the spontaneous, lighthearted, unguarded and just plain lovely swirled in your personality. Thanks again!

  • RitaV

    I love you tracee!!!! My favourite hollywood star! Fell in love with your personality and character in Girlfriends. Checkin out this website will be daily routine for me, along with fb and gmail!
    xoxoxo Rita from Montreal!

  • Aww Tracee I love this and guess what?!!! I’m one of those people!!!! YaYYY!!! We belong to the same community LOL Many Blessings ~ Zelina

  • thank you for doing this!…you should totally have your own talk show……. you warm my heart!
    Mtl Canada says allo.

  • Bravediva

    You are truly an inspiration to me Ms. Tracee… Keep extending. Keep believing. Keep inspiring!

  • Mr Mambo

    Your intro makes me larf Tracee. Greetings from the UK.

  • DawnAlexa

    Tracey! I loveeeee you… You are so awesome, cute, funny, silly, and real. Such a good role model. You are just everything! Thank you for putting up the site for like-minds! Super Big LOVE!

  • NATURALbella_

    First off Congrats….this is Amazing! This is such a Beautiful community & I can’t wait to see all that you offer us :)

  • I love Pinterest to and i have already grown to love your site!

  • Raven

    Tracee, do you believe in an evolution of stress?

  • Congrats! Here to support you!!

  • CONGRATS!!!! This right here is AMAZING!!!!! I love you and especially love that we can now get into your head lol!!!! Hear your thoughts and view points!!! You are an inspiration….. I don’t know what else to say but THANK YOU!

    Love from Brooklyn NY!!!

  • Share

    I love you energy and style! I’m excited about this website.

  • That was the best welcome message. Ever. That. is. all.

  • NaturelleMe…

    I am so excited to see your site launched. Love your welcome vid, so real. You are my big sis in my head and have such a style that screams true FASHIONISTA! But on the real note CONGRATS!!!

  • Simply put: You Rock!! Beautiful, Chic, funny, confident, uplifting, friendly, down to earth girlfriend kind of gal…what’s not to love!! Keep up the magnificent work. I can see your vision. It’s great, fresh and you get the feeling you’re at home here. Thanks and Bless you for having a vision and allowing us to be apart of it! =)

  • I love the quirky cool way about you, it adds to the beauty you already are:-) Thanks for creating a dynamic hangout for the dynamic people. Much love!

  • Your laugh is infectious! Love you, Tracee!

  • NYCGal

    You have a Lucille Ball quality about you that is infectious. You’re gorgeous too. Best of luck and thanks for the site.

  • Bev

    Oh my gosh!!!! I looooove this site!!!! I really feel like we are “girlfriends” now!!!! Thank you so much for doing this…. I’m a huge fan…… I can’t wait for the video/blogs about your hair!!!!!!!

  • That was such as sincere welcome, thank you! It’s great to join you on this journey. Looking forward to be engaged in dialogue with you in this awesome space you created. Be Blissful!

  • Tracee your a rock a stone, throwen into the water, all it takes is one, the right one, to make the first step. I think there are those that are out there that are looking to be a better you or a better me. it takes a person that people are intrigued by the way they live their life, too step up and share. It’s good to see how other people live, cause it should cause you to take a look in your own mirror!

  • Please Tracee more posts and video soon. I love you, you are such a beautiful example of womanhood. As a woman who raised herself without a mother, I love referencing strong, beautiful, caring female figures. I think I have turned out ok but I am always trying to get better. So glad you launched this site.

  • Darlene, Harlem, NY

    You are such a joy! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jenene

    Love you!!!

  • Jacs

    So happy for you!!! You have always
    been an inspiration even on “Girlfriends” I learned of
    different foods, fashion and style from you. Like your mom aka “Diva
    Mom” you’ve been a rare jewel and I love it. The dish you posted
    on FB, with eggs, tomatoes, avocado’s, and olive oil is my absolute
    favorite! Lite and right, BBless and may God grant you the desires of
    your heart in His divine will.

  • Cletus

    Tracee Tracee Tracee I am a guy and this is AWESOME to see you naturally!!!!!!! You are such a LADY and I often speak of you not having ALL of your business out in the street like most of your peers. Deuces to you LADY!!!!! Oh one more thing. Thank you for carrying yourself in such a lady like manner.

  • Southern Belle

    Love, luv the idea. I will ride this wave with you! Thanks for introducing me to Ted!!

  • Dawna

    I love this Tracee! I look forward to being on this site!

  • You are so CUTE! I excited about the launch of this website and have already enjoyed your writings. <3<3<3

  • Priscilla

    I absolutely LOVE this video! I’m excited to add your website to my list of dailies :)

  • Shauntice Wyatt

    So excited…I love and look up to you so much! This was such an awesome idea…wuv!

  • Thanks for the welcome and I love your site Tracee . Great job!

  • SimoneB

    so happy that you are doing this!!! Best thing of the day today! oh yeah!

  • Yolande

    This exciting…looking forward to your post. Maybe you should consider video cam conversations. That would be totally cool.

  • steph

    I love it! I am on board! I love your style … i think. I mean of course my opinions based on the show girlfriends. I read you did your own hair and i think the quirkiness in the character was your own doing.. it was too natural and easy so thats where my love for all things tracee ross began!
    love it, ill visit!


  • Too Cute!

  • i LOVE THIS! Tracee you rock!

  • tricepeace

    Trace thank you so much for sharing this lovely video for those you have not seen it! We love you!!!



  • Jacs

    Have you heard of her? I may be late in the discovery but, I can totally listen to her all day. (She kind of reminds me of Lauren Hill)

  • “beauty absorbers”, right on.

  • Carolina Queen

    Can you please tell me what lipsticks you wear? Always Fabulous!!!!

  • Aww man! I wanted to be the first one to respond. : ( Because I love you so much… : ( Ok, I’ll stop being sad now. Just wanted to say that I love your genuine-ness (is that a word?). So glad I found your site. Your videos are so cute and YOU! Yes, I agree, let’s be a community of all things good! Can’t wait to see more (and hopefully meet you someday!!!). Ok, I’m really NOT a stalker, though I sound like one. Oh, whatever! I’m just being me. We’re celebrating that, right?! LOL.


  • Trini

    Hi tracee, just stay as sweet and real as u are,there is nothing as liberating as when a person has accepted themselves. Take care

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