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  • Stephina

    Grey’s Anatomy and How I Met your Mother two of my favorite shows

  • JuJu


  • _JeMarie

    Scandal…LOVE Kerry Washington

  • Scandal is at the top of my list but I’m loving Fox network’s new Primetime line-up! New Girl, Glee, Ben & Kate, and The Mindy Project are great comedies.

  • Reese

    The New Normal

  • The New Girl on Fox is hillair!

  • DoraRanae

    Greys Anatomy and HBO’s News Room (such a refreshing show)

  • Tah

    GIRLS on HBO!

  • D

    Scandal,A Good Wife…my favorite!

  • The Good Wife, The New Normal, Sons of Anarchy and trying to stay in love with Scandal :-(

  • DIna

    The new girl and Bones and the mindy project is something I may come to like.

  • Lexy

    666 Park Avenue on ABC!

  • Only new shows.. i can’t be limited.. Scandal, The New Normal, Go ON, Revolution. Oldies but goodies.. Law and Order SVU, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice and lastly my new favorite… The Walking Dead!!!
    By the way is your show coming back???

  • Todd Rutherford

    Mike and Molly, Homeland, Boss, Person of Interest, and 30 for 30.

  • Girlfriends…oh, wait that was rudely cancelled….but reruns are wonderful!!…Web Therapy, Community,The Office,Dr. Oz :),Boss and Rizzoli and Isles

  • Lovely


  • Kei

    Scandal, Revenge, Grey’s, and Law and Order: SVU

  • Leilani Miller

    Scandal is really good though I’ve only seen one episode!

  • Kanika

    Lovetown, USA on OWN!! and Long Island Medium on TLC!!!. beautiful shows that exude love through purpose.

  • Lo

    As far as new shows, Scandal (since I didn’t watch the first season).

    • Traiel

      you can catch it on netflix, hulu, or go to and buy it

  • Well all my shows are returns: Scandal, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Law & Order. I am just getting into Sweetie Pie on OWN and loving it. Also there is a show on CBS cant remember the name buts its pretty cool.

  • YellowBird251

    Homeland, Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, How I Met Your Mother and waiting for mid-season Rules of Engagement.

  • Traiel

    I’m a huge Shonda Rhimes fan, so Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, and my #1 is Scandal starring the very amazing and talented Kerry Washington

  • Tracie Collins

    Scandal, of course. The New Normal and 666 Park Avenue. The site looks wonderful Tracee.

  • Just.Us

    Since you said New shows….all haven’t premiered yet ….waiting on Chicago Fire but right now Major Crimes is my fav…..

  • Elementary!

  • brie

    the new normal and mindy are my two new obsessions on the tele

  • Dexter… Scandal…Desperate Housewives are gone (insert sad face)….For Better or Worse…I’m also looking forward to all of the new scripted shows BET is airing this fall! I think I’m going to start watching Modern Family, gotta go get season one and catch up!

  • SCANDAL! Also, I wish NBC would bring back Best Friends Forever. I’m kind of a sci-fy nerd so I like Once Upon A Time (even though it’s fairytale based), Grey’s and Private Practice. Honestly! any thing Shonda Rhimes writes is a masterpiece. I mean seriously, who can kill off major characters in their shows and still have millions of fans? Shonda Rhimes can, that’s who! ;-)

  • SStand

    Scandal, Dexter & Grey’s Anatomy oh yea 2 Broke Girls

  • mikey kun

    scandal, The Mindy Project, and I;m going to checo out the New Normal

  • scandal, new girl, greys anatomy, private practice, the mindy project and svu

  • grey’s anatomy, once upon a time. Everyone seems to be talking about some show called scandal, we don’t have it here in the UK so i guess I’ll look it up, thanks ladies :)

  • Aalexis

    Scandal, New Girl, Mike and Molly and Up All Night!

  • Hope

    Go On, Once Upon A Time, Revolution

  • Disa Chantel

    Scandal, Once Upon a Time, Grey’s Anatomy, 666 Park Avenue, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, & Nashville looks like it’ll be good. Looove Connie Britton. Last Resort was also kinda dope :)

  • WhatIMean

    Boardwalk Empire!!!, Scandal, New Girl, The Good Wife, Revenge, Unsung, Grey’s Anatomy, Up All Night, Big Bang Theory

    • Guest

      Forgot to add Downton Abbey (don’t judge me, it’s AWESOME!)

      • Michma

        Not till January….

  • JessNYC

    The Mindy Kaling Project, Boss, and Newsroom (on hiatus thought), and HOMELAND (omg its so wonderful)

  • Glee!! and yes the New Normal is my new favorite show!

  • My favorite new shows are Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, and Scandal.

  • ellesauvignon

    I think I may tune in to The Mindy Project weekly. I’m loving Scandal too! And let’s not forget about SVU. Another favorite show of mine right now is Girlfriend Confidential LA on Oxygen. I mainly watch because of Eva’s home decor. lol love!

  • I dont think enough people watch Parenthood. Its a really good show!

    • Cangirl75

      Couldn’t agree more great show (great soundtrack too) watched this weeks episode and cried like a baby.

      • Susan Y

        Love, love, love Parenthood – it is hands down one of my favorites!

    • That’s one of my favorite shows, the last episode was really good!

  • The New Normal ( Love NeNe), Parenthood, Revolution, Once Upon a Time, and Revenge!!!! And The Walking Dead, American Horror Story will be on this list once they air in a couple of weeks!!! lol

  • Camille

    Scandal, Go On!, 666 Park Ave even though only one episode has aired I will be tuning in weekly. I want to catch The Mindy Project since I saw previews on my flight last month. Looked interesting.

  • Camille

    Oh and Guys with Kids.

  • Jourdan

    I wish Luther would come back on already! Idris Elba? Yesss

    • agreed!! Luther season 3 with at LEAST 6 episodes…i’ll take 13.

    • agreed!! Luther season 3 with at LEAST 6 episodes…i’ll take 13.

    • I never knew about this but found it on Netflix. I wish it would come back as well, Idris is so fine.

  • helena

    MODERN FAMILY, GREYS, REVENGE, Up all night, Love that Girl, Criminal Minds

  • Whitney B

    I am really into the Good Wife and of course The Cosby Show!!

  • Scandal and The Office. Also, I agree with Jourdan below…we need Luther season 3 stat!!

  • Scandal and The Office. Also, I agree with Jourdan below…we need Luther season 3 stat!!

  • SpunkRansom

    Once Upon A Time, Merlin Season 5, Waiting for Luther Season 3, Boss, World Without End, Gossip Girl, Revolution, Tamar and Vince,

  • Claudia-Ann Gray

    The Newsroom! Best thing on tv

  • NYCGal

    Guys with kids is hilarious. So it The New Normal and Go On. Best 3 new shoes. But still love Scandal and Rizzoli and Isles.

  • NYCGal

    Oh and thank goodness Luther and Sons of Anarchy are back!!

  • 901nikk

    Scandal of course. And the newn normal is really well written.

  • Randy

    Save my son, beyond scared straight, homeland and girlfriend reruns

  • Michelle

    Project Runway, Top Chef, So You Think You Can Dance, Once Upon A Time and Scandal

  • Also, Iyanla: Fix My Life…my new favorite show on Saturday. She is digging IN and not letting folk off the hook. There’s healing going on on that show.

  • Vanessa

    Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and Suits. Also, Leverage. Cant go wrong with these shows. :)

    • Oh right, I forgot about Vampire Diaries… I love this show.

  • lilyoese

    Treme, Bordwalk empire and New girl

  • lll2infi

    New Shows: Scandal, Boss, New Girl, Go On, The New Normal

  • Have a few, Law & Order SVU all time fave, Scandal and the New Normal new faves.

  • caramellow

    You got it with the pic: The New Normal. But I also like The Mindy Project and Go On. For returning shows, I like New Girl, Parks & Rec, Up All Night, 30 Rock, and The Simpsons, in its 40 billionth year.

  • Ambre

    I love Scandal, Revenge and Modern Family and my most Favorite is The Misadventures of awkward Black girl

  • Jenene

    Its officially SCANDAL! Thursdays on ABC starring Kerri Washington… Love that show!

  • Parchhay

    Pretty Little Liars Switched at Birth The Secret Life of the American Teenager Drop Dead Diva I will always love girlfriends joan carol clayton <333 miss her & toni, maya, lynn, william, and monica :)) really hopes girlfriends movie happens love youu tracee !!

  • Guest

    Everything reality show I’m an addict lol ..but miss the GIRLFRIEND crew!!! that was my show..watched it like you all were friends in my head..we need more shows like that.

  • Everything reality show I’m an addict lol ..but miss the GIRLFRIEND
    crew!!! that was my show..watched it like you all were friends in my
    head..we need more shows like that. New shows to also watch out for #Partners it’s like we have Will&Jack from Will&Grace back on t.v lol…Criminal Minds, Elementary looks interesting will check it out at least once to see if it holds my interest lol.

  • Scandal is on my “must-watch” list!! Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is epic.

  • michma

    Fringe! Jasika Nichole’s hair evolution alone is reason to watch .

  • Scandal and Shark Tank!

  • Leonie

    The Good Wife, Boss and Sons of Anarchy (they killed Opie I don’t think I can watch anymore)

  • Dee Humphrey

    The Newsroom! Honestly tv’s smartest show. Love the quick witty dialogue, and the fact that it needs no nudity to be a good show on HBO. It was my fave on episode 1!(dethroning Mad Men)

  • Guest

    LOVE LOVE Scandal, Law & Order-SVU and Revenge.

  • C. Jacqueline

    LOVE LOVE Scandal, Law & Order-SVU and Revenge.

  • The Mindy Project, Scandal, & I’m thinking of checking out Elementary.


  • When it comes to new shows, I am actually digging the Mindy Project. I am a huge fan of comedy and a bit of drama so my fall shows are.. Up All Night, Revenge, New Girl, Modern Family, Mike and Molly (waiting for Happy Endings and Whitney) Best way to end the day is with a good laugh. :) Loving this site.

  • Jennifer

    The New Normal!

  • This is my favorite time for TV…I love the New Normal, Scandal, Greys, Private Practice ( All things Shonda Rhimes) The Good Wife and Dexter….

  • TV Addict

    You MUST watch Homeland, Boss, Newsroom, Scandal, The Good Wife, and Revenge for Drama. Then for comedy check out The Mindy Project, Up All Night, and Parks & Rec!!

  • Jen

    New Girl! Love love love the show!

  • Jen

    Oops! How could I forget Whitney is one of my fav too!

  • Neno

    The Mindy Project! Mindy Kaling is hilarious!

  • SimoneB

    the Walking Dead!

  • BOSS and BREAKING BAD are addictive! Your personality changes for like three hours after watching those shows! Oh yeah (so many “Oh yeahs in my posts today) Iyanla Fix My LIfe too.

  • lioness512

    there r so many good shows this season Nashville is good, Scandal is back and I am loving it! But u asked for new so if I had to pick one or two or three it would have to be Last Resort on ABC, Revolution on NBC (a network I don’t usually watch), The Mob Doctor on Fox is pretty good, I hope ppl will give it a chance. I am also in love with this new show on the Reels channel called Boom Girls it’s set in WWII and loving the vintage style. If you happen to want to check out any of the ones I mentioned the last is my fav so far.

  • Scandal. Once Upon A Time. Modern Family.
    ABC really seems to be the best right now.

  • Aleecia V

    SCANDAL!!! Loooove it and I’m addicted!!

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  • Is Anyone looking at Mindy Project… Im Loving that show. Also:
    Once Upon A time, Scandel, New Girl, Hart of Dixie, and Elementry on CBS

  • Soul Man, Switch at Birth

  • Ryann

    different world….world i know it doesn’t come on anymore but that’s one of my Favorite show though

  • Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy have me hooked.

  • yaya

    The office

  • First, I watch way too much TV and have way too many favorites BUT my new favorite show is Revenge. That show is crazy. Although it isn’t new for me, it would be a crime not to mention Scandal and my all time favorite show Grey’s Anatomy.

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  • Hanbanita

    speaking of good shows Reed Between Lines it was a good show is it not coming back???

  • I love, love, love “The Mindy Project.” It’s quirky and hilarious.

  • lovetracee

    Forget about TV. When are we going to see you in a movie Tracee!

  • Alexandria Johnson


  • scandal,grimm,glee kinda sorta…it’s fallen off a bit but im still following. But yeah, scandal is definitely my favorite. That show is killing it!# get on that show Tracee!

  • I have to say that my favorite show right now would be “SCANDAL”. Just excitement, juiciness, drama. sexiness, all wrapped up into one. Shonda Rhimes hit it from every angle!!

  • Jelisa M.

    Scandal and pretty little liars

  • Janelle

    Scandal, Law & Order SVU, Grimm, First 48 & Criminal Minds

  • Scandal has my full attention!

  • kaybee


  • Antwon Frederick Berry

    <3 me some Scandal, Longmire, and my guilty pleasure is Shahs of Sunset. BUT! I'm waiting for the pilot for NBC's Bad Girls, starring our lovely Tracee Ellis Ross!

  • Élan Noelle

    Right now my faves are enlightened, and parks and recreation. Both of those shows have great writers and excellent comedic actors! And I hate to admit it but sometimes i gotta watch housewives of atlanta. I know, that’s bad.

  • SCANDAL! Hands down!!!

  • iamtheotherashley

    I love The Good Wife

  • ashes

    revenge, walking dead, modern family, american horror story, house wives of atlanta, dexter… girlfriends.
    ooh, i like so many.

  • labellasoul

    Scandal is my new favorite show. Oh my word is it good…

  • Shonda Harris

    My fav is always Big brother, but currently I am watching Hostages, and I never miss Y & R, B&B, and reruns of A Different World and Cosby Show…


    GIRLFRIENDS love that show. I am a 70yr white lady…..GOOD SHOW. MORE MORE PLEASE

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