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  • diane

    LOVE this!

  • i loved this quote-thankyou for sharing it. it truly applies to my life right now

  • jbarrett

    This is so remarkable, and true! Much love Tracee!

  • B.Young

    Thanks Tracee! This quote exemplifies where my heart is right now…

  • Tyra B

    I absolutely love that quote!

  • Stacy Currie

    Love this quote. This is just what I need right now. I Love you :)

  • Rita McGhee

    yes thats the truth..i have been hurt many times..but i loved and learned and happy to open my heart again..true long lasting Love awaits…YAY

  • Absolutely! As a therapist, I help my clients to come to this acceptance, and continue to take the risk to love because it’s about loving themselves.

  • Peggy_Sue22

    This is so true. I mean Love is something so powerful so even if u had ur heart broken some times u really have to take that risk. It is worth it.

  • Sameea

    I love Tracee Ellis Ross! So classy! I LOVED her as Joan Clayton I was obsessed with her fashion! I became a fan of heels and clutch purses and big hair because her! In my book…Tracee ROOOOOCKS!!! :)

  • Sherra

    love this! so true!

  • That’s beautiful!

  • Jay

    I just came out of a break-up. I loved him dearly but it was not meant to be. The truth of the about the above statement rings true in my heart . Though others may choose to give up on love I do not…I will not! And I believe that will make all the difference.

  • Ziya Khumalo

    I love this, I wish I was brave enough to trust that I was lovable

    • cheryl

      You are

  • Thank you Ms. Ross. This post is exactly what I need to move on from the past. I just had to know what the orange fruit was and also,you are my dream girl. (lol) I hope you don’t mind me posting a poem I wrote recently of a prospective future with someone similar to what I know of you.. And it goes,…….”Mold me to be a better me,but not to be like everyone else,but a greater me! I ask this of myself and my new Lady love to be. I,ll do the same 4 you, if you are open enough to clearly see. Love founded on a mutual plan. A partnership that cultivates life upon land. Good will towards each other and RESPECT that does not need fear of GOD nor Man. A love of a different kind, one not of ego,because ego normally closes the mind. At some point we all are lost and need to be found by our helping hand. A kind love like the caring of a farmer towards his fruits, seeds and land.”

    (J. Cooper, Ladies and Gentle! Some body give it up for J. Cooper! LOL)

  • A lesson I’m learning RIGHT now!


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