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Seriously Obsessed With These Books Right Now!

Seriously Obsessed With These Books Right Now! Posted on March 5th, 2013 in Musings.

From Curly Nikki to Ann Patchett, my current reading list is amazing! These four beautiful books are blowing my mind, and I wanna hear your thoughts about them! They are: Better Than Good Hair by Nikki Walton, Mama Glow by Latham Thomas, Bel Canto by Ann Ptachett, and The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.

I’m telling you, all of these are speaking to me in such a deep and honest way. I’m LOVING them. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. So please, give ’em to me!


  • abbie

    Family or in search of satisfaction by J california Cooper. LOVE her.

  • Guest

    I’m going to look for the “Book of Awakening”. #Thanks

  • “Participation is the key to harmony…” #Word

  • Miss Anne

    Loooove Nikki! But she knows that… Lol! Reading her book on the daily since I got it. Amazing! x

  • I LOVE BOOKS!! I have always been an avid reader and I will look into your recommendations. I would like to recommend some books also:

    From Goodreads –“Lessons in French” by Hilary Reyl — I am on chapter 2 and find it intriguing. I am most excited that I understand the french words they use ( 3 months certified French training LOL). This book is about a young American woman, who is fluent in French, who goes to Paris to work for a famous photographer. She tries to fit into the glamorous and complicated lives of the photographers family and friends.

    “The Comfort of Lies: A Novel” by Randy Susan Meyers – “This explores the collateral damage of infidelity and the dark, private struggles many of us experience but rarely reveal.”

  • UnabashedKandi

    I love when you share your favorites and book recommendations! CurlyNikki has always been my toto website I will be purchasing better than good hair and the book of awakening. Thank you

  • Stefany

    I find myself on Nikki’s blog every now and then; didn’t know she had a book. Will have to put it on my already massive to-read list. Haven’t heard of any of those. Don’t know if I can recommend anything because I read some pretty….eh, interest-specific stuff. Yeah, let’s put it that way. Currently reading “Courtesans: Money, Sex & Fame in the 19th Century” if anyone else is into that kind of thing. :D

  • I too enjoy the Book of Awakening; read it every morning to start the day. You are so cute, always appreciate your energy and authenticity.

  • kendra

    Tracee, let me just first say, if i could take your energy and spirit and put it in a bottle, then take a small sip each morning, my life would be that much more amazing! You are truly contagious; watching one of your videos is like taking an upper, I swear! So, thank you for that. ANYWHAT, I’ve followed Curly Nikki since she was on Then I read her blog, then I saw her on MSNBC as part of a panel discussion on natural hair; now, after seeing your video, I will be buying her book. It’s so obvious that she’s passionate about it. Love her! P.S., you and I are friends in my head. STALKER ALERT!!!!! lol. No, I’m kidding, but……..really, seriously, we are. Thanks so much again for this video, you’re so informative!

  • Michael Renee Daniels

    My first exposure to Latham Thomas was on GabbyTV. I next saw her on Tia and Tamera where she was introduced as Tamera’s doula. Since then, I have given Mama Glow as a gift to one friend who is pregnant and one who is being inseminated.

  • di

    Yes! Curly Nikki Book For My Daughter and Bel Canto For Myself. Thanks for recommendations,Ms T.

  • Andrea

    OMG!! I love Latham Thomas…Mama Glow is such a lovely and informative book! It’s great for every woman preggers or not! Thanks for another awesome vid! :)

  • Jay

    I love you… & you are gorgeous and lovely and the ultra mama of style! ;)

  • I’m new to your Youtube channel & blog, via Chescaleigh. Hi! :) I love reading, and I enjoyed watching your book recommendations. I may check out “Bel Canto”…sounds good.
    Is there a way to subscribe via RSS to your blog? I didn’t see a button. I like to follow blogs in my Google Reader.

  • I absolutely love you. You are so vivid and so spirited… I love it. I am actually deployed right now and it is 730am. I got dressed a little early so I had to time to watch this video that I came across on your facebook page last night. I, like you, was not much of a reader growing up but since getting older and more mature and wiser I have learned that reading is definitely fundamental and I love it now. Since September I have read almost 20 books, Better Than Good Hair being one of them. I am now definitely adding the other books you suggested to my reading list. Thank you for your inspiration!!

  • MarieYoung

    Love me some @curlynikki !!! She’s the

  • I read everyday!! haven’t bought the book yet cause its graduation year and i’m ballin on a tight budget lol but i plan on getting it1

    • andrea

      i have an extra copy that i will send to you in honor of your pre-grad grind AND because Tracee’s energy is effervescent and makes me want to do good things. totally understandable if you’re uncomfortable with sending your info though. if you want to inbox me.

  • andrea

    will def have to check out Mama Glow. ok, probably not because im not preggers – that ship has passed honey and quite frankly, with a daily struggle to survive 14 and 10 y.o. daughters, if that ship DOES come around i will burn it down like a Liberian ship. aaanyway, DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP? OMG if she says it’s worth the read then, it IS! Women’s Bodies… no woman should be without! i’ve read it for years (cause it’s like The Bible and you can’t read it at once and must be read over and over) but m’Jesus, it’s EVERYTHING!
    thanks again for sharing all your cool discoveries :)

  • Dr. D

    These sound like great books! Love CurlyNikki’s tips and look forward to reading the others. Ann Patchett has opened an independent bookstore near where I live.

    I also highly recommend the books of my late daughter Stephanie Renee Bell, who passed away at age 20 years, 3 years ago this month. They are:

    A Saved Young Life Now in Heaven (her autobiography), Second Wind, and the Caramelle trilogy:

    Caramelle, Caramelle: Metamorphosis, Caramelle: Eternal Hope

    She is a featured author on the African-american Literature Book Club website,

    Her facebook page is at

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