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  • Bee

    Tracee…you are awesome! Hell honey, YOU deserve to be in Vogue’s Best Dressed Issue.
    Thanks for the lovely video and your gorgeous personality/face.

  • Louis Samuel

    Your videos always put a smile on my face. You are so down to earth as a celebrity. Thanks and keep it up.

  • Freddie

    I was waiting for you to show your picture from Vogue! What is wrong with them? You always look stunning! Anyway, can’t see the shows you watch, no cable. CBS Sunday Morning did a spot on the show. SNL had a great sketch this week so I must be missing something. Thanks for keeping in touch.

  • Where did you get that lipstick?? I’ve been looking high and low for a color that shade!

    • not sure where Tracee’s color came from, but MakeUp Forever has some rich purple jewel-tone shades. I never thought i would wear the color until I tried on “Rouge Artist Natural N28″…it’s the I wore it all summer and am taking it into fall. I ended up buying a high (as you called it) for the color and it’s fantastically bold. I don’t have it with me now, but it’s in the same family. Good luck!

  • Okay so naturally funny u r! I enjoy these video’s a lot it’s like getting to see u in concert for free!! Now as for the shows you mentioned havnt watched parenthood yet, waiting for homeland season to be done so I can watch 1&2 on dvd…but I am looking forward to it…Revolution great show! love the actors…running out to get the vogue issue u mentioned hope it’s not to late to get it on east coast next time can u mention the issue month so that if it’s off the shelf I can order it,,,Speaking of Mrs. Obama what do u think of her husbands newest dilema? Not aware of what I am speaking of see this article…I was truly shocked I know you may or may not follow politics but I was interested in what you thought!

  • You’re also a gorgeous Woman on TV. Love the purple.

  • Ten 4 good buddy!

  • Chanel Laren

    OMG I love Parent Hood…the kid that plays Max is a genius and he needs an award! And yes Solange is super duper FLY! She is a fashion icon just like you Tracee. Btw I love how Centric has reruns of Girlfriends like everyday and I love this site. Good Night!

  • Stina Nico

    I thought I was the only one who threw on lipstick before I went to bed! Love it! Love you! And thank you for acknowledging Solange’s epic style! You are lovely.

  • Cis

    Hey Lady!! Love the website! And the content. Could you do more post on home? I saw your home in Instyle about 5 years ago, and your style is GREAT when it comes to decorating, and as a reader, I would LOVE to see your take on home styling. :) Funny video and spot on about Solange!

  • Liz

    Tracee!! Love your videos!!! I actually haven’t bought Vogue in a while…lately I have continued to buy my UK mags, but have fallen off on the US ones…so I will def pick up the Best Dressed issue as it looks like a great one :)
    I am thoroughly enjoying this site so Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Enjoy your energy and charm. I certainly lack the passion you have for fashion, however watching you have so much fun with it, warms my heart. My passion in life lies elsewhere, so when I see someone else experience theirs, it’s like I’m experiencing it too. Bellawoman you are!

  • Naadhera

    TRACEE! Love your videos! How awesome are you??!! Did you see the Alice Smith video call “Look 66: The Ross” here’s a link love her and love you!

  • I love ur sense of style Tracee always looking amazing!!!ohh yea u’re very funny too!!!

  • pliz pay a visit to london!!!!

  • Jasmine Curtise

    Loved your video your so down to earth, what is that lipstick called its so cute.

  • Penny

    Good night Tracie. You are too funny and also I love the way you cheer on other beautiful black women. You made my day.

  • I need to pick up the Vogue Best Dressed issue…but yes, Halle looks ridiculously stunning in every pic of her Instyle shoot. Makes me wanna go practice looking sexy, but not trying to look sexy. lol. Loving the purple lip, Tracee!

  • Stacy Currie

    I love this! I just started buying this issue last year. Thanks for reminding me! I have to get this!!!

  • tL

    Okay, if you’re still open to more TV, I recommend Sons of Anarchy of FX. What could a crazy motor cycle club out of Cali possibly contribute to my viewing experience, you may ask? I asked too. And the answer is everything. If you need more motivation: Katey Sagal–ooh wee! What she does with her role on this show? I mean, Peggy Bundy-who? I highly recommend.

  • Doggie Love

    You are so frigg’n adorable!! Wit, intelligence, beauty, style for miles, humility…And of course a fellow dog-lover..

  • Doggie Love

    Oh and one more thing…That is NOT a face with no make-up on…Just not possible…

  • aniles

    I love, love, love your spirit…please don’t change :)

  • Janel

    YESSSS I absolutely loveeeeeeee both Homeland and Parenthood. OBSESSED!!

  • Jae

    I so absolutely love you!! Friend in my head….thats what you are. LOL although the friends who see me everyday say I need a therapist now for saying that! These videos gave me life today at work!! Love it!!!

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