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My Impromptu Choir Performance

My Impromptu Choir Performance Posted on December 10th, 2012 in Musings.

I was at soundcheck rehearsal with my Mom for the taping of Christmas in Washington.  And I thought WHY NOT JOIN in?!?! So I borrowed someone’s checkered scarf and squeezed myself in line.  Leave it to me to be disruptive…this is the kind of thing that would get me kicked out of classs in grade school. Hahahaha! 


  • Lol, too funny! :)

  • Vanessa

    You’re so hilarious!!! We know you couldn’t resist from your JClay/William caroling days! hahah…

  • KendraCrunksonUFools

    ahahaha. Funny!

  • Stephanie

    LMAO!! This is freaking hilarious!! Omg!! Love you Tracee!!!

  • Debbie

    You never lose your cuteness. Love you my girl. Please come back to television.

  • Jacs

    Nobody but Tracy!!!!! Hilarious.

  • Freddie

    That was too funny! I hope you had a great time. Can’t wait to see Psy and the supreme diva Diana Ross! Saw many stills of the show. Please tell Miss Diana Ross that she took my breath away in the Black and white gown, although the blue one was fabulous also.

  • krisbliss

    Haha love it!

  • Bravo !! It’s in u. I can tell Tracee. U have the voice for it.

  • Briaa

    My sister sings for Christmas in Washington every year with her school choir. She was so excited that Diana Ross was going to be there.

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