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More Your Questions, My Answers

More Your Questions, My Answers Posted on May 20th, 2013 in Musings.

You guys are killing it with all of these FAB questions! They’re so thoughtful – well, they make me think and TALK – that’s for sure. Clearly, I have a lot to say about these topics… So, here we go with more of my Your Questions, My Answers series!  In today’s video, I’m talking about jealousy and what to do when it comes up. This is a really interesting topic to me… very human. Let’s open it up to a discussion. How do you deal with jealousy?


  • I really enjoyed this one. “I would ne – Uh Oh” LOL I am going to use that.

  • I try to do similar. I try to take a step back and question what it is I’m seeing in the person and is it something I’m wishing for myself. If yes, then how can I go about achieving it.

    This was a great one!

  • sauvignonelle

    lmao “I would ne…uh oh!!” I’m in tears over here, from laughter. LOL!
    Great response as always, Tracee!

  • Nia


  • kanaye

    always lovely

  • GreenLeafLover

    LMAO, you are crazy. You should think about doing standup comedy or maybe SNL if you get the opportunity.

  • Responding to your question on Facebook: I think jealousy is just the basic human desire/need to be loved. It’s
    built in. Jealousy is the fear of loss of love. It’s a survival
    instinct. Whenever you think that someone will no longer love you, that
    you’re losing some basic need, your fear and animal instincts kick in.

    people aren’t as susceptible to jealously, because they feel loved by
    themselves, and those that surround them, and don’t feel the loss of one
    love: When you have 100 people that love you, the loss of one doesn’t
    mean much; when you feel that that person is the ONLY one that loves
    you, it’s vital to keep claim over that love.

  • Sometimes we use what we perceive to be someone’s feelings of jealousy toward us to dismiss their true feelings. It can be easier to dismiss their behavior or actions than to figure out what the real problem is an resolve it.

    If I think someone may be acting/speaking out of jealousy toward me, or if a friend tells me they think someone is jealous of me I try to figure out what is really going on. Did I say something or do something? Is there something I can help them with? Is there an issue that I’m not even aware of? I only chop it up to jealousy once I’ve made a true attempt to find and solve the problem. Then and only then do I dismiss their feelings.

    It’s important to me not to be dismissive of people’s feelings. However, if I find that their behavior is not warranted or is simply out of spite and jealousy I don’t waste time any further.

  • Rabea Ballin

    I love tracee! I would ne…

  • Lina Briscoe

    When will Girlfriends return? LOVED THAT SHOW!!!!!! Do you have any plans to do work with the ladies from the show or the writer of the show?

  • Tina73

    My question is why is it when people become famous they act like they are too good to speak to the people that made them famous?

  • nina

    lmbao!! this was tooooo funny! i love your page and your self-reflexivity. i read the boob post too, and i have to say, you must have a really great mom! i mean, we all know your mom is fab, but to hear how awesome you are illuminates how awesome your mom is. (i’m a mom, so i guess that’s why my response is like this, lol). anyhoo. YAY! love the vids! love your veracity! love your great, authentic style.

  • Chantelle

    This was so inspiring!!!! That is so so true !!!! Love your blog so far. Lol

  • maffmommie

    When you told me to do it…I did it…lol “I would ne..uh oh” LMAO!!!

  • Chay

    Haha I love you Tracee. :) “I would ne.. uh oh” I’m gonna use that. It’s so much fun to say that.While you were saying that I was right along with you girl. I loved what you said about Jealously “Jealously is like an open window of more self awareness and more self acceptance and a connection to oneself. So inspiring. :)

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