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  • Tamia

    I agree. When you love you do not really have to question certain things. When you love you just know… good or bad. When you love your foundation may be shaken, but it will not crumble. You are assured. You are fearless. You may cry or stumble, but love will always establish your path. You are strong. God is love. You are loved. We are all loved even if our circumstances say other wise. Just believe you are loved and love will forever find you in unlikely ways and places. Choose love.

  • love this!

  • Alicia

    Love this

  • Kandice C. Fields Pierce

    I love this . Falling in loves makes you reflect on who you are, because you drop walls you never thought you could Let down.

  • Brandiiii

    Yesssssssss!!!!! It’s almost as if we reveal a completely different side of ourselves. Love gives life to one of the many facets that make us who we are.

  • Lish

    Is this from “There Eyes Were Watching God”?…that book was sooooooo amazing after a professor helped us break it down

  • Brandis

    That is some deep ish right there. My body jerked like damn when I read that. church, preach, tabernacle! I must share it!

  • Zenobia Creole Moon

    so I’ve heard…:)

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