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  • Anon

    hmm, this is a hot topic. I’ll say this, from a constitutional/technical standpoint and only a constitutional standpoint I can understand the strike down, however, they struck down a key portion of the voting rights acts and I don’t see any of you yapping about that, which has more impact than this; priorities a little mixed up here? Get ready to see Jim Crow voting laws slowly reinstated, or an attempt made. Texas has all ready moved on it, no surprise there. Additionally, if that doesn’t work they will spread out Black votes and other votes, but specifically Black votes so that they have no real impact. In the future, you will have to choose between your race and sexual orientation because that’s where this is headed. Black people need to wake up from kumbaya land, it doesn’t exist, and it hurts us more than people realize

  • Sarah

    Find someone who lifts you up, whether you’re down or reaching for a high goal. It doesn’t matter what that person looks like, does for a living, who their parents are, or what kind of junk they have. That’s love. And love yourself first, so you can recognize the people who love and the people who just use you.

  • Falling in love is so much sweeter when you break down the walls and allow your heart to be given to the one that soulfully desires you……

  • Shamika “Positively Jewls”

    Love is love and when the right one comes along it is definitely worth fighting for.

  • di

    Love is our true experience!Love u

  • kandyse

    Love is Me! I show it, breath it, I live for love!!! You know when you have love! Its not something you can take but it can only be given!!!

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