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Look at My Momma Go!

Look at My Momma Go! Posted on December 20th, 2012 in Musings.

A friend recently sent me this video of my mom performing way back in 1969, and oh my God, you simply must watch it! The dance break near the end is everything! Apparently it’s called “The Soulful Strut.” Hahaha, I just love it! So now for your viewing pleasure, I give you my mom dancing “The Soulful Strut!”


  • leea

    Your mommy is adorable I must confess i hunt for Diana Ross/ Supremes YouTube videos on the regular there’s always amazing stuff to find.

  • Too cute!

  • Ricasuave

    OMG- I have no shame, I will swagger jack everything right down to the soulful strut and be completely fabulous the next time I go out. Or, to be honest with myself, I will soulful strut myself around the house first and practice being fabulous…

  • whoa momma!!! uh-may-zing! That split-leg first lift was outrageous! you must be proud. Oh and I need that romper in my life!

  • kierah

    I need that outfit in my life!

  • Tanisha

    This was so awesome to watch!!! Wish I could move like your Momma!!!

  • found this on fb by a local artist and I thought you might want to see it…hope it brings you a smile just as it did for me! it was done in pastels by Sonia Isabel Mcgowan-Piguave, she is very talented! Your mom WOW what can I say!What a great all around performer! I think it’s time for her to have another ABC special…perhaps a mother daughter, son special, I would sure watch it!

  • Wow her eyes have always been amazing!

  • You’re mother is an amazing lady, that is why I’ve been a fan for life.


    Hi Tracee,Ive seen old clips of your legnedary Mother singing and dancing her butt off lol I keep telling these youngsters that Miss Ross isnt just a pretty face and a beautiful voice. I tell them to do research,and see just how this woman damnces and moves OMG!!! AND SHE CAN MOVE TOO LOL I had to share with you. I hope that you,and youre entire family have a safe and wonderful Christmas,and I wish you much much success…XOXO fINESSE

  • Thanks for the holiday cheer I look forward to setting down looking all her old clips

  • Antwon Frederick Berry

    Dancing with The Superstar Divas!!! And the mirror ball goes to – Diana Ross!!!

  • ChiHou

    That was fun to watch, yet alone try to learn!

  • MsBallin

    What an amazing mamma!

  • Lovely!!! Your Mom is dope, this song is still HOT today and apparently I look like your mom. I get that at least once a week. I don’t mind! Happy Holidays!

  • Vance K. Matthews

    Hi Miss Ross.

    Thank you so much for sharing the video, it was indeed wonderful!

    Because I am a music enthusiast, I must make one small correction. “Soulful Strut” is the name of the song Diana Ross and Donald McKayle are dancing to. The song was performed by Young-Holt Unlimited and became one of the hippest songs of the day, reaching the Pop & R&B Top 10 in 1969 – which may be the reason it was selected.

    Thanks again for sharing…………loved the moves, the groove, fashion and all!

  • Diandra Mcdonald

    That indeed was EVERYTHING!!!!! It would have been perfection if Mr Sales was edited out. Thanks for this gem!

  • i absolutely adore your mother and respect her for her huge body of work and for everything that she’s done for music, however, my grandmother is by far the BIGGEST diana ross fan i’ve ever known!! when i was in college at f.i.t. in ny (ummmm…eons ago!!) a few friends and i were invited to a music studio by a producer who was working with mary wilson. we talked to her, took pictures, the whole nine. i was sooooo excited to tell my grandmother!! well, honey, i called my grandmother and said, “GUESS WHO I JUST MET??!!” after i told her, she said, “i don’t care about no mary wilson. call me back when you meet DIANA!!” and hung up on me!! hahaha!!!

    years later i tried to surprise my grandmother by taking her to a diana ross concert for her birthday here in dc, but the show was cancelled. she was so disappointed. didn’t stop her from lovin’ some diana though. ;)

  • Moja Ma’at

    WOW!! Your mother was at this time the biggest star in the world. (and she still is in my book) Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This WONDERFUL lady Diana” THE BOSS” Ross is MY FAVORITE Entertainer. I adore her, and I just can’t wait to see what she will do next. LOVE YOU! Ms. Ross!!

  • sg

    simply incredible

  • Shanika Patrice Carter

    Awesome performance-love watching things like this from back in the day that represent our culture! How awesome that you have such fond memories of your mom to share with others-thank you. :-)

  • penny scott

    Most people said i am to young to know about miss Ross. But who don’t know miss Ross,you got to be living under a,rock if you don’t know who the boss!!!! Is…. Miss Diana Ross is the best in my eyes. U go girl!

  • dbox

    I never saw her do any on-stage performing without smiling throughout the segments … well, when she sang Strange Fruit once. During this dance, she smiles at the very end. It was pretty cool.

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