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  • GOLDjasper

    ♬BLOOM and♬GROW
    E♬DEL♬WEISS-_~ .

    HeY★Tracee! Thank★Youuuuu . . .

  • Jacs

    That love for me comes from my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ. His love for gives me the assurance I need to be true to myself. Never weavering in my faith or myself, I’m free in Him and that gives me great peace. Like a flower I grow, get pruned when needed, water, food and blossom. Be Blessed!!!!

  • That was such a wonderful quote. The truth of me is perfect wisdom, perfect intelligence, and perfect LOVE. The truth is, Tracee, love is ALL you are. Happy day.

  • Tabitha Waters

    That’s a beautiful quote

  • Zenobia Creole Moon

    Blessed be…

  • This a beautiful quote. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Like the lilies in the fields they toil not but, yet they flourish. I saw you on (ET) Entertainment Tonight. They are
    making another Motown Records movie, it’s a good idea and opinion a large group of Black Americans hold dear.

    Oh darling, “If I could turn back the hands of time.” Tyrone Davis . Do you remember the year 1980 and 1981 it was a time to remember for Motown records. Do you remember Jim Carry in “The Mask (1994)” also “Dumb & Dumber (1994)” Do you remember Diana Ross and Brandy Norwood in that movie “Double Platinum (1999).” It’s just a reminder of how time will fly. I had to sell my car to pay rent this month. It reminds me of Gladys Knight and “Midnight train to Georgia (1973).”

  • Yaaaaaasssss!!!! AbsoFreakinLutely!!! I’ve been been strolling this Avenue for a while now.

  • daisy092326

    I loved the show Girlfriends will there ever be a reunion or movie? I want to know what happened the girls and William. What was it like growing up as the daughter for the legendary Diana Ross? I am from Detroit and her number one fan.

  • I love that qoute just saved to my notes on my phone. :)

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